Everything you need to know about the inflatable unicorn island in Asia

Inflatable Island floating playground

Everything you need to know about the inflatable unicorn island in Asia


Everything you need to know about the inflatable unicorn island in Asia


If you haven’t seen it by now, consider yourself out of the loop.

Asia’s biggest floating playground, Inflatable Island, located in the Philippines, practically broke the internet with news of its newest addition: a unicorn-themed island.

Unicorn Island Facts

Not just for kids

Unicorn Island is made with “kids” and “kid-dults” in mind, the company said in a statement, which we understand to mean as adults who have child-like spirits. AKA US.

You do, however, have to be at least 3 feet tall. 

Where’s it located?

There are several locations, but this one is about 2 1/2 hours outside of Manila in the Philippines.

Directional Inflatable Island Map

Credit: Inflatable Island

There are 3 stand-out features to this island

There’s a rainbow walk:

Credit: Inflatable Island

A “seaunicorn” for your climbing adventures:

Inflatable Island floating playground

The “seaunicorn” located underneath the rainbow in the eastern half of the photo can be climbed on. Credit: Inflatable Island

And a magic horse named “Baba,” upon which you can climb up and slide down:

Credit: Inflatable Island

It’s an add-on to an already gigantic floating playground:

That’s right. Unicorn Island is part of Inflatable Island, which is now a 3,400-square-meter floating playground in Asia. (That’s about eight basketball courts side-by-side.)

Floating Playground Map

Credit: Inflatable Island

There’s a pink paradise on the beach adjacent to Unicorn Island

Known as “Bali Lounge,” the beach next to the island is covered in pink and purple tents and resting chairs.

Pink Beach

Credit: Inflatable Island

Book online to save money

By reserving your spot online at TheInflatableIsland.com, you can save 10 percent. Also: Show up 30 minutes before your time slot.

There’s a recommended dress code

Dress Code for Inflatable Island

Credit: Inflatable Island

You can book parties and events there

Email events@theinflatableisland.com for birthday parties, team-bonding events and more. Bring a certain number of people and receive 20 percent off.

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