Sister introduces world to 3 autistic brothers to share critical message

A Long Island woman introduced her three autistic brothers on Facebook during Autism Awareness Month to make people understand that autistic individuals and their families need help year round and all their lives.

Sister introduces world to 3 autistic brothers to share critical message


Sister introduces world to 3 autistic brothers to share critical message


Ali Carbone posted a picture of herself and three brothers dressed up and smiling on Facebook.

“Something so simple to you and your family is virtually impossible for mine.”

The Long Island native grew up with three autistic brothers and in a heartfelt post she introduced the world to how unique each of her brothers is.

Later, Carbone shared the deeper reason behind introducing her brothers on World Autism Awareness Day.

But first, meet Michael, Anthony and Luke:

  • “Michael lives for a good Disney movie throwback, and would be content with giving hugs and kisses all day, everyday.”
  • “Anthony quite literally thinks he’s Michael Jackson and will destroy you in any performance related competition.”
  • “Luke loves to run and hang outside, and will take every opportunity to mess with his oldest brother.”

She concluded her post, which has gone viral with 3,700 reactions and 1,300 shares, with a reminder to be kind.

“If you see a kid flapping their arms, don’t laugh. If you see an adult having a meltdown, don’t stare. If they go for a hug or high five, don’t shy away. A smile from a stranger can quite literally change(s) our day.”

Carbone, 26, told Parents that her post this month was about getting people to think about the humans behind the diagnosis. In her interview with the publication she talked about the importance of remembering that autistic individuals and their families need assistance and all their lives. She said:

“A tough reality for many parents of autistic individuals is, ‘Where will they end up when I die, will they be taken care of.’ The worry never ends.”

In 2013, Carbone’s parents made the tough decision to place her brothers in a housing situation designed to help people with autism develop, according to PopSugar. The boys spend five days at the center and come home on Saturdays to spend time with the family.

Carbone said her parents’ decision didn’t come without criticism. She’s blunt in her response to people who would judge her parents.

“I’m confident they wouldn’t last a minute in my parents’ shoes. They probably wouldn’t have the strength to even realize these are decisions that are made every day in special needs families.”

Carbone told PopSugar that growing up with her autistic brothers has made her the person she is today and taught her everything that is true about life — real life.

“How to live, how to treat people, how to think and how to feel. Someone always has it worse than you. Stay positive and remember that we’ve made it this far, through all these heartaches — we still can find happiness and love.”

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