Exclusive: 'Muppet Babies' creators talk about show premiering Friday

Exclusive: 'Muppet Babies' creators talk about show premiering Friday

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Exclusive: 'Muppet Babies' creators talk about show premiering Friday


The day we’ve been waiting for is finally coming!

This Friday, Disney will air for the first time ever two back-to-back episodes of its newly reimagined “Muppet Babies.”

Credit: Disney Junior

The show will be on TV at 10 a.m. E.D.T., or kids can watch the episodes on the DisneyNOW app.

To think: While we fought siblings for the TV remote and waited through painful commercials, our kids can simply enjoy the Muppets in the palm of their hands.

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If you’re wondering what exactly the newest Muppets show will be like, rest assured. It’s different enough to feel fun and fresh, but for those hoping for a taste of nostalgia, it does remain loyal to its roots

Check out this exclusive video to see what the creators had to say.

Watch: ‘Muppet Babies’ creators talk about the making of the show

5 things parents can expect from “Muppet Babies”

Executive Producer Tom Warburton spoke with All the Moms last week about the making of the show. Here are five takeaways:

1. These Muppets look more real than ever 

Made with computer graphics (CG), the Muppet babies no longer look like flat storybook characters.

Baby Kermit and Baby Animal in Muppet Babies, premiering March 23, 2018. Credit: Disney Junior

Warburton said the goal was for the characters to be super furry and look like you can reach into the screen and touch them.”

“It’s updated for the way animation is happening nowadays, and still keeping that kind of 2D feel to it because Muppets are, at heart, a puppet show.”

2. It’s targeted toward a younger audience 

Warburton said the show primarily caters to the preschool age group, which is slightly younger than the previous Muppet Babies show.

Baby Summer, Baby Fozzie, Baby Kermit, Baby Piggy, Baby Gonzo and Baby Animal in “Muppet Babies,” premiering March 23. Credit: Disney Junior

That being said, the creators want this show to be entertaining enough for parents to want to watch it, too.

3. No obnoxious, repetitive formula

You know those preschool shows that have a very specific formula?

It goes something like this: A welcome song, a problem arises, a problem song, a solution is found, a solution song, and a goodbye song.

And you know how they drive you crazy? Well, Warburton said that while there’s nothing wrong with that type of format for little kids, the Muppet Babies won’t work that way.

Credit: Giphy

“We didn’t want to have repetitive actions… For the original Muppets actually, it was a sketch show. … It was a rotating cast of characters. So we just wanted to make a show that was entertaining first but underneath it all, there’s this great message. “

4. Stronger focus on conflict resolution and creativity 

All the Moms got a sneak peek look into the episodes airing March 23, and all we have to say is they totally hit the mark with this goal.

In one of the episodes, the Muppets want to visit Paris. So in typical preschool fashion, they press some chairs together to mimic the interior of an airplane and they “fly” to Paris!

Baby Fozzie, Baby Summer, Baby Animal and Baby Piggy pose at the Eiffel Tower. Credit: Disney Junior

“As a kid, imagination can take you anywhere. You can be in an empty room and imagine yourself flying a spaceship,” Warburton said. “You have a cardboard box? That becomes a spaceship. You have a couple feathers? That becomes wings.”

In each 15-20 minute episode, the characters are faced with one overarching problem but also deal with mini conflicts throughout, which serve as easy-to-understand life lessons. Then at the end, they arrive at a solution. 

Think age-appropriate lessons: Warburton said parents can expect conflicts like wanting to grow up too fast, the importance of diversity, being afraid of the dark and more.

5. Old favorites will make muppet cameos 

Get pumped to see the return of these friendly, furry faces…

  • Statler and Waldorf
  • Bunsen and Beaker
  • Rowlf the Dog
  • Rizzo
  • Dr. Teeth

Credit: Giphy

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