This new breast pump is so quiet you can use it while you nap

This new breast pump is so quiet you can use it while you nap


This new breast pump is so quiet you can use it while you nap


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Being a new parent is brutal, but without a doubt the most difficult part for most new moms is feeding.

  • Do you nurse?
  • Do you use formula?
  • Do you supplement?
  • Are you giving your baby what they need?

For moms who pump—whether at home or at work—there are a whole other series of problems to consider. While there are lots of pumps out there, few of them could credibly be called discreet.

The new Freemie pump, from the makers of the Freemie collection system, are hoping to change that.

The company debuted an updated collection system at CES 2018, as well as two brand-new pumps.

The new Freemie Liberty and Independence pumps are compact, portable, rechargeable pumps that are “hospital grade” and start around $300. They both share the same motor, which supports single or double pumping, though the cheaper “Independence” model has slightly fewer features.

The Freemie pumps are designed to be whisper quiet so you can use them anywhere.

Happy young woman (20s) sitting in rocking chair. Credit: Freemie

Though there are a number of new pumps that use rechargeable batteries to free pumping moms from being tethered to the wall, the Freemie pumps’ main innovation is how quiet they are.

Just how quiet is it?

We couldn’t accurately gauge just how quiet since it was being demo’d in a loud hall at CES 2018; I simply couldn’t hear it—even when it was held right up to my ear.

That would be a huge benefit to moms, especially those who pump at work or in public. When you have to pump every few hours, scheduling your entire day around pumping sessions can be a chore.

Being able to take care of it while on the phone or just at your desk would be huge; freeing moms to tackle other things while still collecting milk for their baby.

The Freemie Liberty goes a step further, combining with the hands-free collection cups to deliver a pump that you can reportedly nap while using.

Simply set a sleep timer and give in to your constant state of exhaustion and the pump will reportedly turn itself off after a set period of time.

Though some users describe a “love/hate” relationship with their existing Freemie collection cups, that is the case for pretty much every pump on the market.

But if the new Freemie pumps can deliver on their promises of at least being quieter than most existing pumps, it’ll be a huge help for new moms everywhere.

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