'Blue's Clues' is getting a reboot for a whole new generation

Nickelodeon is going to revive Blue's Clues

'Blue's Clues' is getting a reboot for a whole new generation


'Blue's Clues' is getting a reboot for a whole new generation


For anyone who remembers and loved the magic of “Blue’s Clues” from the ’90s, you now get a chance to share that magic with your kids.

Nickelodeon announced it’s bringing back the show for a whole new generation to experience, and we have so many feels. The network has ordered 20 episodes with a “refreshed signature look.”

2018 Blue from Blue's Clues

The new 2018 Blue. Credit: Nickelodeon

“Blue’s Clues” is back!

That lovable, spotted puppy, Blue, will be back with all her clues, but don’t expect to see Steve, who is off doing bigger and better things after leaving for college, or Joe, wherever Joe may be.

Casting for a new host is being held in April in Southern California.

The part-live-action, part-animated show was a highly regarded, Emmy-nominated program noted for its interactive and educational components for preschoolers.

Thanks to the woman who started it all

It is timely to mention with this story being published on International Women’s Day, that one of the show’s original creators was a woman named Angela Santomero who was deeply inspired to get into children’s educational television programming by none other than Fred Rogers, “Mr. Rogers” himself.

“Armed with my master’s in developmental psychology, I headed out into the world to honor Fred and make my own dent in children’s media.  Premiering in 1996, my first show was Blue’s Clues — an educational and interactive ‘game show’ that taught preschoolers everything they needed to know before they entered kindergarten,” Angela wrote in a column for USA TODAY.

“My mission was to give kids a voice, to be heard, to know that if they do the work, practice and ‘take a step at a time,’ they can do anything that they want to do.”

Blue's Clues

Nickelodeon said it will reboot the popular show that started in 1996: Blue’s Clues. Credit: Telemundo

So what can fans expect of “Blue’s Clues” 2.0?

“The new Blue’s Clues series centers on the energetic girl puppy Blue who invites viewers into her animated world to help solve the day’s puzzles with the help of a live-action host.  Preschoolers are encouraged to interact with the action on-screen by answering questions, pointing out clues, jumping on their feet and playing along.”

Here’s what people are saying about it:

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