Dad-to-be receives surprise pregnancy announcement from his wife on flight

American Airlines pilot helps wife announce pregnancy news to husband.

Dad-to-be receives surprise pregnancy announcement from his wife on flight

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Dad-to-be receives surprise pregnancy announcement from his wife on flight


Audrey Rose wanted to get a big reaction from her husband David when she announced she was pregnant with their second child.

She succeeded when she arranged for a pilot on their flight to Chicago from Tampa International Airport to share the news with her surprised husband, David.

Tampa resident David Rose learns he's going to be father on a flight to Chicago from Tampa International Airport.

Credit: Audrey Rose/Facebook

But the amusing part in this video Rose shot was her husband’s very small vocabulary. As the pilot shared over the loud speaker that his wife was pregnant David Rose kept repeating one word and one word only.


He said it 7 times. Yep. SEVEN.

Rose told WFTS News in Tampa that upon boarding the plane, she handed the American Airlines flight crew a hand-written note, not knowing whether they would make an announcement or not.

The note read, in part: “I have a big favor to ask. I just found out that I’m pregnant and I really want to surprise my husband. I was hoping you could announce it before take off.”

The crew obviously agreed and in his announcement, the pilot said:

“David and Audrey Rose have apparently smuggled an extra passenger on board today. Audrey has recently discovered that she is with child. And we’d like to welcome aboard that new life.”

The South Tampa couple, who only recently shared the video, said the baby is due in May. They don’t plan on knowing the sex of the child until the baby is born. Audrey Rose said that her husband David is “maybe a little embarrassed” because he has a larger vocabulary than the video depicts.

Of course he does!

Thanks to an obliging flight crew his wife did manage to pull off a pretty big surprise, and that would take the words right out of anybody’s mouth.

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