Are you a lazy mom if you get your kids store-bought Valentine's cards?

Are you a lazy mom if you get your kids store-bought Valentine's cards?


Are you a lazy mom if you get your kids store-bought Valentine's cards?


I hope that question offended you.

The post that inspired it made me laugh out loud it was so ridiculous in its smugness.

I follow the Facebook parenting site, “Sanctimommy” because it’s a great reminder just how dumb/judgmental moms of the internet can be.

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On Wednesday, the site posted a screengrab of a rant that presumably some other parent put out on social media.

In it, the original poster takes down pretty much every parent who doesn’t sit at the table with their darlings, covered in glitter, tape, doilies and glue guns making homemade Valentines for their classmates and friends.

“What a crappy lesson to teach your kids,” the original post says of store-bought Valentines. “Go phone it in. Expressing affection is supposed to be easy and convenient.”

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I can’t imagine anyone expressing affection toward you Ms. Holier-than-thou parent-of-the-internet.

And yes, you’re right…clearly kids and their parents (many of whom also hold down one or more full-time jobs) have nothing better to do than spend hours folding, tracing, stapling, glittering.

I mean, nothing says family togetherness like a glue-gun burn, amirite?

I suppose I could have made homemade Valentines with them instead of taking them to the STEM fair downtown, or instead of hiking with them and their new puppy. I could have let my son skip that baseball clinic he really wanted to attend or canceled the mother-daughter tea party for my 5-year-old.

But I didn’t.

On Tuesday night, I quickly stuffed my kids store-bought cards — Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Shopkins and Disney Princess (yes marketing and consumerism at its finest) into their backpacks, and went to bed at a reasonable hour, rather than staying up late finishing an unnecessary art project.

I woke up early – in plenty of time to make them heart-shaped pancakes and strawberries for breakfast.

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So Happy Valentine’s Day to you, you judgmental sh**.

P.S. If you really want a laugh, read the comment section on the Sanctimommy post.



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