Single mom fired for needing different hours. COO from another company says nope, finds her job

A COO finds mom job after she's fired from another company for needing different hours to care for kids.

Single mom fired for needing different hours. COO from another company says nope, finds her job


Single mom fired for needing different hours. COO from another company says nope, finds her job


Chief Operations Officer Darla Shaw could have done what a majority of the population would have when they heard about the single mom of three who was fired for needing different hours to care for her kids. She could have just written an outraged post on social media about the cruel bottom line of corporate America and moved on.

Instead, Shaw, who works for staffing agency Talent Savant vowed to find the mom a job.

And did.

Darla Shaw works for Talent Salvant,

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Her LinkedIn Post:

Shaw, who lives in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, told All the Moms that she had two reasons for wanting to help the single mom.

The first reason was to right a wrong she has seen dozens of times during her stint in corporate America.

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“I was a leader in HR for almost 17 or 18 years. I saw this happen all the time and I would try and fix it but you can’t when the leaders are so concerned with the bottom line. The people are sacrificed for that bottom line.

“This is how I can fix the people I put out of work in the past. I had a tool now and I was determined to use it.”

The second reason Shaw reached out to the mom was much more personal.

Shaw was raised by a single parent herself. Her mother died when she was very young and Shaw said she just gets the single parent struggle.

“This was a moral issue. I was raised by a single dad.”

Reaching out to the single mom:

Shaw contacted the mom and learned she was requesting to come in at 6:30 a.m. and leave earlier instead of working 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. because she had lost a daycare provider.

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The woman, named Christine, who asked that her identity be protected, worked as a data entry clerk for an oil and gas company. Christine has three kids, one a 10-year-old son with autism.

The LinkedIn post garnered more than 1,400 likes and 145 comments. Many were praising Shaw’s stance for saying, “This is what is wrong with Corporate America.”

Others said Shaw painted leaders of industry with too broad a brush

One commenter identified himself as a manager and said it’s not always his choice to set hours, adding, “We answer to customers also and if we could we would look at it but just these random statements don’t help anyone.”

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But Shaw told All the Moms this would have never happened had the mom been in management.

“If it had been a director, they would not have even blinked,” she said. “Because they’re trusted.”

So where did Shaw find the single mom of three a place to work?

Less than a week later, Shaw hired the mom to work from her home for Talent Savant, where Shaw is the COO. Talent Savant recruits people to primarily work from home.

In her LinkedIn post, Shaw did receive requests from other professionals asking for the mom’s contact information about offering her possible employment. But Shaw said she would first contact the mom to learn her skill set.

“Even if she didn’t want to come work for me, I was going to find her something,” she said.

Christine has since started learning the basics of recruitment at Talent Savant.

She’s doing great. …She’s a million times happier.”

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