LuLaRoe teases 'Noir 2' collection to mix of excitement, trepidation

LuLaRoe teases 'Noir 2' collection to mix of excitement, trepidation


LuLaRoe teases 'Noir 2' collection to mix of excitement, trepidation


Women’s clothier LuLaRoe is apparently giving the idea of an all-black release another try, just two short months after it was roundly criticized for botching the release of its inaugural ‘Noir’ collection.

In videos posted on YouTube and the multi-level juggernaut’s Facebook channel, the company teased “II” with a 52-second clip that features dozens of women clad in the LLR’s wildly-popular leggings, shirts and dresses.

But unlike the teaser for the original release, which was shot completely in black and white, this video intersperses the ‘Noir’ collection with vibrant pops of color, pairing black skirts and kimonos with bright yellow, orange, and blue shirts and accessories.


In a statement, LuLaRoe confirmed that consultants will begin placing their orders on Tuesday evening.

Retailers will begin ordering this evening with shipments to arrive in the coming week,” the company’s emailed statement said.

Once the consultants place their orders, the garments become available for purchase by their customers/friends on social media through private Facebook groups.

The clothing retailer, which has gained particular traction with Millennial and Gen X moms, is known for its bold and sometimes crazy prints.

As a result, buyers hunt for key pieces called “unicorns” to round out their wardrobes. Solids (particularly black clothing items) are coveted for their versatility.

Irate customers, consultants

And that’s why the release of the previous “Noir” collection was such a bust.

According to numerous social media posts, consultants were forced to queue in line, based on a pre-assigned number. Those consultants with low numbers bought up all the inventory (in some cases thousands of pieces) before those with higher numbers could select theirs.

Complaints ranged from hours-long waits, to crashing websites during the purchasing process, to out of stock inventory.

As a result, few LuLaRoe customers actually were able to purchase ‘Noir’ clothing items.

It’s unclear whether the company will make alterations to the ordering process this go-around.

The company did not address those questions when it sent over its statement in response to an email inquiry.

Instead, LuLaRoe focused on the item’s popularity and the expected demand.

“We are excited to be launching today the NEW Color Collection: Noir II in response to the excitement and demand generated from the first Noir launch. We’ve received so many messages from LuLaRoe Independent Fashion Retailers and Consumers thanking us for making the Collection available,” the statement said.

Legal troubles

LuLaRoe’s upcoming ‘Noir 2’ release comes as the company continues to face lawsuits and accusations that it is essentially a pyramid scheme. Disgruntled consultants allege that they were continually pressured into using their earning to buy more inventory, and while LuLaRoe oversaturated markets with sales representatives. The women claim they were left holding thousands of dollars in unsold clothing that the company refused to take back.

According to an article published last week in the Wall Street Journal, “the average annual bonus paid to eligible retailers in 2016 was $2,118.”

The WSJ, which cited LuLaRoe’s income disclosure statement, also noted that “a select few, who represented less than 0.1% of all retailers, took in average bonuses of $1.1 million.

LuLaRoe retailers “generated more than $2.3 billion in sales in 2017,” according to the WSJ article.

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