5 mind-blowing parenting hacks for shoe tying, snacks and more

These five tips for teaching kids to tie their shoes, helping them reach the sink, how to pack snacks and more make life so much easier.

5 mind-blowing parenting hacks for shoe tying, snacks and more


5 mind-blowing parenting hacks for shoe tying, snacks and more


Life ain’t easy as a mom or dad. So whenever one parent finds a little life cheat to make things easier, common courtesy would be to share it.

Check out these 5 mind-blowing parenting hacks we found around the Internet, and let us know your thoughts!

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Help your kids reach the sink

Finished with the lotion bottle? Not so fast!

Rather than toss it in the trash, clean it up and reuse it. Cut a hole in the bottom just big enough to fit the sink spout through. Then cut the top half off, but keep the sides in tact so the water flows straight toward your little one’s hands.  Look at you go!

Create the ultimate road trip or on-the-go snack box

Remember that random tool box to hold nuts and bolts you got last Christmas? Put it to use by cleaning it out and storing snacks or toys inside! It’s perfect for all that finger food your kids love.

Help your kids put their shoes on the right feet

Kids may not understand left or right yet, but they likely know their shapes. Remove the soles of your kid’s sneakers and draw half of a single shape on each sole. The shape should fit together like a puzzle when the soles are held correctly side by side. Bam! Just made your morning five minutes quicker.

Because we’ll take all the time we can get. Credit: Giphy

Lay the coat out like this so they put it on faster

Unzip your kid’s coat and lay it on a flat surface (like the bed) so that the neckline is nearest to your little one. Rather than have the kid put his left arm, then right arm in, have him or her toss it up and over, almost like a cape! So cool.

Pre-loop the bunny ears for faster shoe-tying

It can be a challenge getting kids to hold the bunny ears in place while also knotting them. To prep the loops, tuck the edge of each lace back into the top hole (the same hole it’s coming out of). Rather than a single lace protruding from each hole, it’s a bunny ear. It’ll be easier for your kid to knot those ears because he won’t worry about dropping them and losing the loop.

Credit: Giphy

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