Is Amazon's Oreo Cookie Club subscription box worth the price?

Amazon now sells an Oreo Cookie Club subscription box for $20 a month.

Is Amazon's Oreo Cookie Club subscription box worth the price?

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Is Amazon's Oreo Cookie Club subscription box worth the price?


Holy moly. Stomachs are singing praise everywhere.

Amazon is now selling Oreo box subscriptions.

My gut tells me to be SO EXCITED. Honestly, I can take down a box of those bad boys in a day. Maybe even one (long) sitting.

But I’m hesitant about the price

Amazon sells these boxes for $20 a month! They’re filled with a “variety of OREO snacks treats (can be cookies or chocolate candy),” a “unique OREO gift,” and Oreo recipes, according to the site.

OK, the recipe card is definitely cool. But we all know you can go to Pinterest for that. And how many snack treats are there? How big? Is it two boxes plus a gift? Are these boxes the regular 3-sleeve size from the store? Or are they the lame bags of mini cookies from gas stations? Who wants a mini Oreo? That’s just a tease.

A regular pack of Oreos from Target costs about $3. The family size is $3.60.  That means I could buy almost 7 regular-sized boxes for the price of one subscription box. No one NEEDS that many cookies. But it does put into perspective whether this cookie-club box is really worth the money.

Is the subscription-box business model ripping us off?

They’re popping up everywhere! You see them in the makeup and fashion industries, the pet-food industry, the wine industry and more.

And I get it. It’s nice to be surprised with monthly gifts that feel exclusive and maybe even Instagram-worthy. I see how Oreo fanatics might REALLY want to be the first one to try the newest flavor.

I’ll even admit the Dunky Cup is a really persuasive gift. This little mug is literally MADE to dunk Oreos:

But a part of me feels like c’mon people! Wake up! 

You can get so much more bang for your buck by just getting the crap in the boxes on your own.

I mean, take boutique fitness classes, for example.

Credit: Special to the Clarion Ledger

This might be slightly off subject, but I think boutique fitness clubs and subscription boxes both demonstrate people’s willingness to pay an exorbitant amount of money for something that’s probably not worth it.

A class at Soul Cycle or Orange Theory will run you about $30.

I only pay $20 a month for my big-box gym, and I get unlimited classes AND facility time.

Of course everyone has a different standard for what something is “worth.” But it seems silly to miss out on saving money, especially when you could get more.

Back to the Oreos…

If I were a millionaire, I probably wouldn’t be thinking like this. I wouldn’t need to.

But most of us aren’t millionaires. And while the Oreo Cookie Club might make a cute gift, you could literally buy a boat load of Oreo packages, box them up yourself, wrap it all cute, and send it to a friend (or yourself) for cheaper.

Does it take more effort? Sure. But it saves A LOT more money. Just something to think about.

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