HGTV's 'Home Town': 7 facts about the new 'Fixer Upper'

Here's an image of the Napiers sitting on front porch

HGTV's 'Home Town': 7 facts about the new 'Fixer Upper'


HGTV's 'Home Town': 7 facts about the new 'Fixer Upper'


If you’ve watched HGTV for even a few seconds the last month or so, you’ve seen commercials for the show “Home Town,” which just started its second season.

If you haven’t, here’s a quick catch-up guide before Season 2.

7 facts about HGTV’s ‘Home Town’

1. They’re basically the new Chip and Joanna

“Home Town” most closely resembles “Fixer Upper.” It’s a show about an engaging couple fixing up houses in their small Southern town.

The Napiers:

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👋🏻 there! Looks like a whole lot of you are new here after watching the #HGTVHomeTown marathon this morning and I figure it's been a while since and I did some introductions–SO! We really appreciate you watching our show on @hgtv. We never meant to make a TV show at all, the possibility just literally appeared in our email inbox thanks to @lindseyweidhorn who found our instagram accounts in 2014. We live in and love Laurel, Mississippi and just finished filming season 2 about it that starts airing Monday, January 8 at 9|8 ct. We are expecting our first baby, Helen, very soon. Ben and I met in college and decided we would definitely get married 6 days later and have been together every day since. I'm an introvert, he is a people person, and we are forever and always on the same team. I read a lot of books and finish few of them, eat too much breakfast food, don't believe in hand sanitizer, and we own the @laurelmercantile where we sell American-made heirloom wares and durable goods with our 4 best friends who are also family who are also in every episode of Home Town with us (@malraz, @jobforjim, @joshuanowell, @ebnow). It's real nice that you're here. Thanks for coming along for the ride with us! (📷: @brookedavisphoto)

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The Gaineses: 

Similar design, too.

The Napiers:

The Gaineses:


“Home Town” is set in Laurel, Miss., while “Fixer Upper” is set in Waco, Texas.

2. The advertising for the show is out of control

HGTV has aired more commercials and sidebar promo deals for “Home Town” than any other show in the history of television. Well, that may not be true.  I mean, it might be true; there’s just no way to scientifically track that sort of thing.

Plus, HGTV already seems to be looking to eclipse the record by promoting “Flip or Flop Nashville” (the one where the couple are actually exes) even more.

3. They recently welcomed a new baby home

The Napiers met at a junior college in Mississippi. They went to Ole Miss after that, and eventually married in 2008. Not too long ago, they posted adorable pictures of themselves from back in the day — although back in the day looks like it means the ’70s and ’90s, not the early ’00s.

These pictures, though, aren’t nearly as cute as those they posted of their new baby, Helen, who was born just a couple of weeks ago.

4. They have nicknames for each other

Erin’s nickname for Ben is “Big.” Allegedly, the reason for this isn’t that he’s 6-foot-6-inch tall and weights 300 pounds.  Despite his power and girth, she calls him Big because of his big heart.

Hmm. Not sure I’m buying that. That’d be like calling that David guy from “Love It or List” It “Jerk” because of how he abruptly tugs open door handles, not because of how he is as a person in real life.

5. Erin was discovered via Instagram

Really. An HGTV executive saw Erin’s photos on the app and one thing led to another, and now she’s on TV.

This gives me hope that maybe someday, if we’re really lucky, my daughter’s annoying slime obsession will lead to a viable career when her social media gets discovered by a Hollywood agent who puts her on TV, even if it means we never have any laundry soap, glue or conditioner in our house anymore.

real housewives GIF by Slice

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6. Erin is artistic in multiple ways

Erin’s skills aren’t just limited to home design — she also plays the piano, guitar and sings pretty well, too.

Maybe she could be like Drew from “Property Brothers,” who did well in “Dancing with the Stars” last season, by appearing on the new season of “American Idol” (which is back on the air in March!) or something.

7. They’re no Chip and Joanna, but that’s not necessarily bad

The real question about Home Town is this: Is it any good?  Well, you have to decide that for yourself.

Our initial reaction is that Erin and Ben aren’t Chip and Joanna, and for that, we hate them and hope they perish.

Molly Ringwald Hate GIF

Credit: Giphy

But then on second thought, that’s probably not their fault. In fact, it’s probably a good thing. After all, if they were Chip and Jojo wannabes, we’d probably dislike them for that.

So the jury is still out. The ratings for their first episode were great, and while they’re not quite so great now, with the amount of effort HGTV is putting into promoting the show, it must be good.

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