'Star Wars' quad cuties own Internet with inspired photo shoot

'Star Wars' quad cuties own Internet with inspired photo shoot

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'Star Wars' quad cuties own Internet with inspired photo shoot


The force has never been more powerfully cute than with these Arizona quadruplets.

Born at 29 weeks, the Szafranski quadruplets (three boys and one girl) spent weeks in the NICU in Scottsdale, Az. before joining the rebellion AND the evil empire.

Er…which is it?

Photographer Lizzy McMillan, of Momento Studios. told Babble that parents of the quadruplets, Kylie and Phillip Szafranski, are huge “Star Wars” fans.

Quads Emery, Damon, Gideon and Theo were first dressed as members of the rebellion with Emery as Leia and her brothers as Yoda, Han Solo and Luke Skywalker.

They could have stopped there because the results? Perfect! But…

Credit: Giphy

But dad wanted balance (as is the Jedi way).  This time, Emery was dressed as Darth Vader and her brothers were dressed as Stormtroopers.

The costumes primarily came from Build-A-Bear Workshop, McMillan said. Except Emery’s Princess Leia wig, which was custom made by Aubrey’s Felties and the Yoda knit cap, which was made by Mary Kriss Photography, according to Simplemost.com.

The Szafranski Facebook page shows the quads, who were born in March and spent 12 weeks in the hospital, no longer content to sit still and pose for pictures.

They are crawling, climbing and only a few days ago, Gideon pulled himself up into a full stand. The force is strong with these four.

Credit: Giphy

Note: Hero image made from photos posted by The Szafranski Quadruplets Facebook page. 

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