There was a power outage at Disneyland and people are furious about it

There was a power outage at Disneyland and people are furious about it

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There was a power outage at Disneyland and people are furious about it

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Visitors to the supposed “happiest place on earth” were not so happy today.

A power outage at Disneyland Anaheim was reported around 11 a.m. this morning and left multiple rides at the theme park shut down.

ABC 7 and NBC Los Angeles reported that spokespeople for the park said about 12 rides in Toontown and Fantasyland were shut down and that some guests were being escorted from the park.

The park took their time issuing a statement, but Disneyland Today tweeted a warning to visitors that the park was very full today:

So full, in fact, that they’re only accepting guests for re-entry into Disneyland Park:

This guy experienced it firsthand and tweeted about it:

They finally confirmed what we all already knew – there was a power outage:


Theme Park Insider’s Twitter account, which is not officially affiliated with Disney, tweeted this:

And CNN reported that “Power has been restored at Disneyland…” So it would appear, that all is nearly back to regular operations in the land of the mouse after quite the ordeal during a busy holiday period for the park.

But people have still not recovered. #TheGreatDisneyPowerOutageOf2017

Grumpiest place on earth?

Needless to say, guests at the park were not thrilled about it and have taken to social media to voice concerns over the wait times, uncertainty of refunds or exchanges and overall lack of response from the Disneyland theme park.

Like this person, who confirmed the power outage and said his family had to exit line:

And this person, who wants more time for rides:

And this visitor, who said the family trip has been ruined:

And this person, who has proof of insane wait times for rides:

And this park-goer, who is understandably upset at the money spent:

And this person, who declares the magic of Disney dead! At least today.

The poor family who wanted to experience the normal Disneyland:

The person who could probably barely tweet this without getting caught in a stampede because WOW that’s a huge crowd:

Oh and that same person said the tickets were extra expensive today:

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