Sweet Emotion: Steven Tyler opens Janie's House for abused girls

Steven Tyler opened a home for abused girls in Douglasville, Ga. called Janie's House.

Sweet Emotion: Steven Tyler opens Janie's House for abused girls


Sweet Emotion: Steven Tyler opens Janie's House for abused girls


Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler said when inspiration strikes you follow it. Where it leads is a mystery and in the case of Janie’s House, a blessing.

His 1989 hit “Janie’s Got a Gun” led to his recent opening of Janie’s House, a residential home for abused girls, teenagers and young women.

Janie's House will serve girls who are 12-18 and survivors of abuse.

Credit: Ben Moffat/The Republic

Tyler opened Janie’s House in Douglasville, Ga., which is about 20 miles outside of Atlanta. The home will serve survivors of abuse ages 12-18.

Tyler looked every bit his scarf-clad fab self as he pounded drums with people in the house. He explained in his own Twitter video that he didn’t know why he wrote “Janie’s Got a Gun” but the voice inside his head said keep going.

In the Twitter video he says:

“This has been something I thought about since I wrote, ‘Janie’s Got a Gun.’ There’s a lot of stuff that you can’t see with your plain eyes and you just can’t fix. It’s got to be something that’s got to be an inside job and that takes stopping and that takes therapists to see the real problems to get to it from the inside out…

….And for this place to be here and have it be called Janie’s House is a dream come true.”

The AJC  reported Tyler helped design the house from the color scheme to the logos to the quotes on the walls — some from Aerosmith songs. The home opened in November and can accommodate up to 16 girls who can attend individual and group counseling and other therapies, including animal and drumming. Tyler told the AJC of the home:

“You adopted me and my philosophy. To be a part of this has been…it’s nothing more than a beautiful thing.”

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