This mom went on a 'date' to McDonald's and it changed her life

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This mom went on a 'date' to McDonald's and it changed her life

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This mom went on a 'date' to McDonald's and it changed her life


This story has been adapted from an article on USA TODAY.

A Texas mom of two who was struggling with postpartum depression, like so many mothers do, opened up recently about two life-changing decisions she made for the better.

Cali Hix loves her children, an almost-3-year-old son and 4-year-old daughter. But she felt lonely after their births. So she did something about it.

She “started reaching out to other moms, community groups and even moms who took their children to the same fast-food play places,” the USA TODAY report said.

Who knew these two things could have such a profound effect

1. She asked a fellow McDonald’s-going mom on a playdate

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You know those times when you’re so shy around a new person and all you can do is wonder what they’re thinking? Nine times out of ten they’re ALSO wondering what you’re thinking. So stop with the shenanigans. Just ask them to be your friend! Ask to go on a play date or to grab coffee.

That’s what Hix did. She said she could see her and this other mom’s kids got along well. So she found it within herself to simply ask to hang out again. And the other mom said yes. Yay, happy story!

2. She Joined a mom’s group

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Whether it’s on Facebook, through work or maybe your child’s school, finding other moms to lean on for comfort, fun, errands and whatever else may arise, is very important. So start searching for some mama support. There are plenty of other moms in your same boat, wanting some more friends.

“It is so important for us as moms to have a group of women that we can share life with, walk through the journey of motherhood, the struggles, the immense struggles, the crazy and insanity,” she says. “It’s really important for us to not be alone.”

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