Logan and Jake Paul: What you should know about your kids' favorite YouTubers

YouTube screengrab of Logan and Jake Paul

Logan and Jake Paul: What you should know about your kids' favorite YouTubers


Logan and Jake Paul: What you should know about your kids' favorite YouTubers


Have you ever wondered what your kids are watching on YouTube?  It’s probably videos by Logan Paul and/or his brother Jake.

YouTube screengrab of Logan and Jake Paul

YouTube screenshot from the video “Jake Paul – I Love You Bro (Song) feat. Logan Paul (Official Music Video)”

Never heard of them?  Neither has any normal adult. But each has more than 2 billion video views on YouTube.

Here is some background about these knuckleheads (and that’s being charitable) who are spending more quality time with your kids than you are.

How the brothers rose to fame

They grew up in an ordinary family in Ohio.  Each brother started making videos and putting them on the internet, and eventually got more and more followers to the point where they could drop out of school and move to Hollywood.  Logan dropped out of Ohio University; and Jake didn’t make it to college before moving to L.A.

This is the modern-day best-case life goal for today’s kids, replacing moving to America, making the big leagues, or in my case, becoming that one guy who got no whammies and won hundreds of thousands of dollars on Press Your Luck.

Credit: Priceonomics


Perhaps the most surprising thing about the brothers’ rise to fame is that Jake was helped to superstardom by something called a Bizaardvark.

Bizaardvark is a Disney television show (a soul-crushing, intellectually catastrophic one at best, in my opinion) that’s somehow worse than that Frozen short that plays before Coco.

Jake was a star — well, a guy on Bizaardvark — for a couple of years until he was recently fired.

Despite that setback, his popularity has only grown since then.

Their insanely influential popularity

Despite their fame consisting of self-made YouTube videos, and being a non-featured actor on a cable sitcom, the Paul brothers’ reach cannot be overstated.  They each have more than 10 million subscribers on YouTube, along with millions of followers on all the social networks.

YouTube is more popular with kids than cable TV, so to our kids, these knuckleheads are more famous than Prince Harry.

It’s as confusing as that thing where all graffiti seems to somehow all be in the same font.

confused britney spears GIF

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What do they ACTUALLY do?

The Paul brothers’ daily videos are often biographical, behind the scenes (if there were scenes) pieces, showing off their expensive cars and stuff. And are allegedly funny, with pranks or dares.

The pranks tend to be a bit over the top.  Logan was arrested in Italy for flying a drone into the Colosseum; a couple of Jake’s roommates moved out of their house because they were constantly being brutally pranked even as they slept.

Still, behind the scenes clips and throwing water on sleeping roommates is at least something.  To the Paul brothers’ credit, there’s more happening in their videos than many Kardashian or Real Housewives shows.  Not to their credit, they’re awful human beings.

Do they make money?  

You’re probably wondering if this nonsense translates to actually making any money.

Yes. Yes it does.

Despite doing very little actual work, and only selling a relatively small amount of merch (*although your kids would probably think you were the coolest parent ever if you bought them a Logan Paul “Maverick” brand shirt), the Paul brothers are absolutely loaded.

Logan has been estimated to be worth $6 million, and his house backs that up.  Bizaardvark alum Jake is worth even more.

Meanwhile, no one subscribes to newspapers anymore and people still don’t believe that we’re all doomed.

celebs lol GIF by Fullscreen

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Should You Be Concerned Your Kids Watch Their Videos?


These doofuses aren’t the worst thing in the world.  But they’re also not the best influences on our kids.  If you’re not paying attention to what your kids are watching, someday you’ll wake up and be this lady:

Video Paying GIF

Credit: Giphy

We’re all her.

Watch a Logan or Jake video and see for yourself.  Is this the kind of stuff you’re comfortable with your kids watching?  It may not be.

Here’s the problem with them in a nutshell:

Jake and his friends set fire to a bunch of things at his house.  The fire got out of hand and understandably caused quite a disruption with the neighbors.  A local TV reporter asked Jake about this, and here was his response:

“I feel bad for them [the neighbors], for sure. There’s nothing we can do, though. The Jake Paulers [Paul’s fans] are the strongest army out there. Dab.” [Then he dabbed].

And I thought Bizaardvark was bad.

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