Funny Santa photo shows kid using sign language to beg for 'help'

Santa Claus in Shopping Center

Funny Santa photo shows kid using sign language to beg for 'help'


Funny Santa photo shows kid using sign language to beg for 'help'


You’d think by now in 2017, with the great powers of social media, we would have seen every funny Santa picture imaginable.

But somehow, they just keep getting better.

The most recent viral Santa photo is a printed image that mom Kerry Spencer scanned and tweeted out Dec. 5.

In it, you see a baby that looks genuinely terrified for his life using sign language to say “help,” his mom said.

“We taught or baby sign language. This is the sign for ‘help.’ You’re welcome,” the mom tweeted.

Kerry told All the Moms the photo was taken at a mall in Provo, Utah and that now, the family lives in Parkton, Maryland.

She told People Magazine the image is a “family legend” and that posting it online is a “favorite family tradition.”

Her son, the boy in the photo, has taken advantage of his internet fame, changing his Twitter name to “That one baby that doesnt like Santa.”

She also posted the official image of “help” in sign language:

Her son’s hand signals were not perfectly clear, but like babies sometimes mispronounce words when they’re speaking verbally, she noted in a later tweet, “His thumb is the wrong direction. But it’s close enough I knew exactly what he was signing.”

Regardless of his sign language accuracy, I think we can all agree his face says it all.

Here are some other funny #SantaFails to make you smile today:

Like this kid, who nearly assaulted the mall Santa:

Or this kid, who doesn’t care WHAT you say about not pouting:

Or this kid, who let’s be honest, has a legit reason to be scared. That Santa looks terrifying.

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Or this Santa, whose facial expression says: “I definitely don’t get paid enough for this.”

Or this Santa, who looks so confused as to what he did to elicit that kind of reaction:

baby crying sitting on santa claus' lap

Credit: Sarah Scanlan

These poor Santas. They’re such good sports!

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