Mom skips daughter's honor roll assembly to work out. Self-care?

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Mom skips daughter's honor roll assembly to work out. Self-care?


Mom skips daughter's honor roll assembly to work out. Self-care?


A mom’s post is making its rounds on Facebook, stirring some controversy over a choice some call self-care while others call self-indulgence.

Kristen Hewitt, a TV reporter from Florida, began feeling guilty for ditching her daughter’s honor roll assembly after making the choice to work out instead, “but then I remembered ‘ME,’ ” she posted. She thought about her husband’s travels and “how hard it was to deal the with the tantrums that were never-ending,” on top of her anxiety and general housekeeping. Plus, she reasoned, both Dad and Grandma would be attending the assembly.

So Hewitt decided to exercise, and she said her daughter understood and was not upset.

Comments came flying in pretty quickly.

One argued Hewitt should have worked out after the assembly:

Another said there’s a time and place for everything, and Hewitt had made the wrong choice:

One said it’s not the choice she would have made, but that’s OK:

And another said she would never miss her child being recognized for something so special:

Luckily for Hewitt, a lot of moms understood

Out of the thousands of comments, most were positive and supportive of the Florida mom.

Like this one:

And this mom, who pointed out how many awards kids get these days, and how important it is to model self-care for kids:

The choice to put yourself first is personal

When it comes down to it, the choice to attend a kid’s event or take some “me time” is always personal. And it should be.

Blanket statements like “never miss a game” or “always choose self-love” don’t have any place in reality.

For some families, Hewitt’s choice would not be OK. Because maybe the mom had missed a few events already and the kid was feeling insecure. But Hewitt explained in the comments and her subsequent blog post that she never missed such events and was busy before and after the assembly.

None of us will ever know how her daughter truly felt about it, but it’s between the two of them.

I, for one, just think we should give each other a break.

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