The verdict is in: Parents freaking hate 'Elf on the Shelf'

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The verdict is in: Parents freaking hate 'Elf on the Shelf'


The verdict is in: Parents freaking hate 'Elf on the Shelf'

Probably the best part of Elf on the Shelf is the fact that so many parents completely hate it.

And what’s better – they don’t hide it. They share it on social media.

So enjoy these parents who really, really don’t like elves:

Like this person,who forgot how elf season sneaks up on you:

Or this person, who now has some really upset kids to calm:

Or this person, who just wants it to stop:

Or this person, who’s created her own version of Elf on the Shelf:

Or this person, who really doesn’t like the creator of the Elf:

Or this person who knows to avoid social media in December:

And this poor person who can’t even eat in the light:

The mom who can’t even start Elf on the Shelf season:

The mom who can’t get the elf out of her Pinterest feeds:

The mom whose making denying the elf a movement:

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Ha ha!! Just saw this and it made me laugh so hard. Do we do Elf on a Shelf? No. . Will we ever? No. . Why? Well……. . 1, They look creepy. 2, The idea of it watching you, is also creepy. 3, My biggest issue with this whole thing is who honestly has the time to think these ideas up!! 4, I'm lazy. (See reason 3.) 5, Christmas was just as magical when I was a kid without it so I honestly don't think the kids are missing out. . Although I am tempted by the idea of doing stupid non child appropriate versions for a laugh…..see reason 4. 😂 . Be the change people. . Ps, I also live in fear someone will tell my kids about this little bastard and they will want to know why Santa doesn't send a Elf for them!! 😨 . #elfontheshelf #ihateelfontheshelf #bethechange This a repost picture from a @scarymommy article that actually sums my feelings up beautifully.

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The mom who thought she escaped her elf duties:

And the mom who doesn’t need another tiny person making a mess:

This person, who’s saying what everyone was thinking, anyway:

The smart guy who decided to just get back at the dang elf:

But hey! Props to this mom, who outsmarted the Elf on the Shelf tradition:

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