Mom enlightens the world with milksicles: We all bow down

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Mom enlightens the world with milksicles: We all bow down

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Mom enlightens the world with milksicles: We all bow down


When one mom wins, we all win. Especially when they share that win on the internet.

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All parents know the teething phase can be excruciating for both baby and parents. Moms and dads across the world have shared familiar stories of frustration, exhaustion and feelings of helplessness when a wee one is teething.

Well, today I bring you good news and a possible solution to end all teething woes.

A Milksicle.

Yes, you read that right, a popsicle that is made of breast milk, aka a milksicle.

An Ohio mom who goes by the name Tasia Edwards on Facebook is the genius behind this make-at-home creation. She posted a video and several pictures back in June on social media of her son, quite the satisfied customer, gumming the treat.

It left all moms everywhere asking, “Why didn’t I think of that!?” I have a sneaky suspicion that Tasia may be headed for sainthood. Someone get this woman an award!

The video now has 28 million views and nearly 8,000 shares. She was contacted hundreds of times about the video, with eager parents wanting to know her process. She does not recommend freezing formula, by the way, according to her Facebook page.

This hack helps to soothe those aching gums and also delivers nutritional benefits of the breastmilk. Win-win!

One gentle suggestion, particularly if you have other kids or a partner in the house hunting for snacks, label those milksicles clearly in the freezer. Or someone may be getting a bit more nutritional value than they were bargaining for…

If you’re like Tasia and a secret baby-whisperer or a fellow genius parent innovator, don’t hold out on us! Share your hacks, because it takes a village to raise a kid sometimes.

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