11 STEM toys you should absolutely buy your kids for the holidays

From the FurReal Maker Proto Max to the KIBO and Code-a-Pillar, there's a fun science, technology, engineering and math toy for every kid.

11 STEM toys you should absolutely buy your kids for the holidays


11 STEM toys you should absolutely buy your kids for the holidays


Hoping to buy something of actual value for your kids this holiday season?

Well, thanks to our friend Julie MacDougall at Reviewed.com who has compiled a list of 11 toys that teach science, technology, engineering and math skills, you can do just that.

We’ll preview the first seven, so make sure to check the last four on Reviewed!

11 STEM toys worth buying

1. Think & Learn Code-a-Pillar

For children ages 3 to 8, this caterpillar moves based on how your little one assembles the pieces. It’s best for kids with open floor space. “Changing the order of the body parts changes the Code-a-Pillar’s routine”

2. Cubetto

Kids 3 and older can direct the wooden robot box where to go on the play mat map by correctly placing the directing pieces on the control panel. The storybook will tell kids where to place the pieces.

Credit: Reviewed.com/Julie MacDougall

3. Robot Turtles

Kids 4 and older can play this board game that teaches the “basics of coding.” The goal? Get the robot turtle to the diamond in the center of the board.

robot turtles reviewed.com

Credit: Julie MacDougall

4. Elmoji

Kids 4 and older can play with this robot with or without the “Coji” app. Scroll through the robots emojis and it will begin to act out the expression as best it can

elmoji STEM toy

Credit: Reviewed.com/Julie MacDougall


Kind of like the old remote-controlled cars, except this car takes its directions from a set of codes and cues printed on wooden blocks that kids must assemble and then scan.

Credit: Reviewed.com/Julie MacDougall

6. FurReal Maker Proto Max

For kids 6 and older, this robot dog acts like a real one, with or without the app. But with the “companion” app, kids can get sequences of actions and expressions for the dog to re-enact.

robot dog furreal maker pro

Credit: Reviewed.com/JulieMacDougall

7. Augie

This circular robot has augmented reality capabilities. Kids 6 and older can hop on the app and direct it where to go. Careful, though: Reviewed.com says it can be kind of tricky to set up and will definitely require parental assistance.

augie robot stem toy

Credit: Reviewed.com/JulieMacDougall

For 8 through 11, click here to visit the article on Reviewed.com. 

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