Stop saying 'sorry' to parents of babies with Down syndrome

The Canadian Down Syndrome Society's "Anything but Sorry" campaign is a PSA to start celebrating all babies.

Stop saying 'sorry' to parents of babies with Down syndrome


Stop saying 'sorry' to parents of babies with Down syndrome


When a couple tells you they’re having a baby, you never say, “Oh man, I’m so sorry,” right? You’d be pretty lame to do such a thing.

Typically, your typical reaction would be something like:

“Wow! That’s amazing!” or “Oh my gosh, congratulations!”

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Because babies are awesome, duh.

But for some reason, when a couple say their baby has Down syndrome, they’re sometimes met with sympathetic glances and words of consolation.

And it’s wrong.

You’re not evil for saying “sorry.” You’ve probably just been caught in an unfamiliar situation. It’s OK.

But in case you don’t know how to respond next time, the Canadian Down Syndrome Society has some helpful tips. Check out its new, eye-opening, hilarious PSA: Anything But Sorry, “F” bombs and all.

WATCH: “Anything But Sorry: The ‘S’ Word”

So how should you respond?

Any way you want to! Just don’t apologize for it. Every baby is worthy of celebration, so be happy!

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