Update your phones, parents! Apple released new emojis

Apple iOS 11.1 emojis

Update your phones, parents! Apple released new emojis

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Update your phones, parents! Apple released new emojis


Grab your phones, moms and dads.

(We don’t have to tell the kids. To them, this is probably old news already.)

It’s time to update your phone. And if you’re like me, you can’t even remember the last time you did that. But I’m ready now…

Apple’s latest iOS update (11.1) came with more than 70 new emojis to use for those in-a-rush moments parents know so well.

New iOS 11.1 emojis

Credit: Apple

Among them are mermaids, vampires and wizards; genderless individuals; cute animals like hedgehogs; funny, expressive faces; and more.

The emojis were previewed this month on the company’s website and over the summer on World Emoji Day, when Apple acknowledged its attempts to be more inclusive:

“The new emoji make it easier for users to express themselves with greater diversity, additional animals and creatures, new smiley faces and more.”

See some of the noteworthy new emojis

  • The “bad-mouth” emoji, great for those infuriating times at the school pick-up and drop-off line.

    Credit: Apple

  • The genderless emojis
  • The hijab emoji

    Credit: Apple

  • The breastfeeding emoji

    Credit: Apple

View all the emojis from Apple

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