Disney fans: You can soon FastPass and MaxPass 'it's a small world'

It's a small world ride at Disneyland

Disney fans: You can soon FastPass and MaxPass 'it's a small world'


Disney fans: You can soon FastPass and MaxPass 'it's a small world'


Disneyland’s “it’s a small world” is getting a little faster.

Don’t worry, parents. The attraction that’s pacified a million toddlers still lasts a blessedly calm 15 minutes. That feels more like an hour in parental-relaxation time.

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Your wait time, however, will be significantly reduced thanks to the addition of FastPass and the more convenient (if costly) MaxPass.

LaughingPlace.com reports that Disneyland will open a FastPass/MaxPass lane when the holiday version of the ride is unveiled Nov. 10.

Access to the shorter, reservation-only line could reduce waits by up to 40 minutes during the busiest periods. For parents of a typical preschooler, that’s a savings of at least three snack distractions and a tantrum.

Child has temper tantrum.

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Depending on guests’ reactions, the system may be extended beyond the Christmas season, according to Laughing Place.

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While “small world” is appreciated for its ability to tame the crankiest toddlers, riders less thrilled with singing, dancing dolls (those older children with parents who insist on riding as a family for various nostalgia-related reasons) will find that shorter lines add less insult to injury.

It's a small world ride disneyland

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FastPass vs. MaxPass, plus PhotoPass:

While FastPass has been around for years, MaxPass was introduced this summer. Guests paying $10 per day may use it to obtain FastPasses via an app rather than at kiosks. MaxPass also includes PhotoPass, allowing guests unlimited downloads of images snapped by Disney photographers stationed around the park.

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