Photos of baby pumpkin butts are taking over social media

Photos of baby pumpkin butts are taking over social media

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Photos of baby pumpkin butts are taking over social media


In a world of 24/7 social media, adorable Instagram-inspired, Pinterest-perfect baby photos crop up relatively often.

Especially if you’re a mom with mom friends.

And just when you think you’ve seen every trend or craft idea known to mankind, BABY PUMPKIN BUTTS show up in your feed.

That’s right.

Moms of Instagram have moved past the baby-in-a-pumpkin trend to new and better things, like…say, painting your baby’s butt cheeks to resemble a big, orange pumpkin.


I mean… is that not the cutest little tush you’ve ever seen?

Victoria Moore, mommy behind the My Momtastic Life blog, said she found the idea on Pinterest:

“I decided to do it simply because I think it is too stinkin’ adorable! I know some moms don’t like it, but I just see it as harmless and cute. I also look forward to embarrassing him later in life when he has girlfriends. (Just kidding, I’ll be nice)”



Creating memories to look back on

Jessica Scherer, a Floridian mom, said she painted her 8-month old’s tush to have something to look back on and giggle at in the future.

“It will kind of be like looking through the scrapbook, you know?” she said. “This is the pumpkin butt. It will be cute when he’s older.”

Should I put my kid’s butt on display?

Scherer admits baby bottoms as an Instagram trend might be startling to some. That’s how she felt about it at first.

“I kind of shook my head at it,” she said. “Like, why are you putting your kid’s butt out there?”

But she soon realized these were not her feelings, but rather, a family member’s criticisms manifesting inside of her.

When Scherer had newborn photos taken of her son Wager Sharpe IV, she said a family member told her the nude ones seemed a bit “pornographic.”

“I thought, ‘How could you say that?'”

She said today’s generation is more inclined to share memories online.

“Nowadays, we’re more lax with certain things, and the older generation is more old school,” she said.

But still, the family member’s words have lingered in the back of her mind, popping up especially during trends like this.

It was for that reason, she decided to shield half her son’s butt with a mini pumpkin for the photo, essentially opting for the middle-ground choice.

What’s your take on the pumpkin-butt trend?

Want to show off your baby’s pumpkin butt?

Send me your cutest little pumpkin-butt pictures, and we’ll post them in this story! Email me ( or tag me on Twitter (@taylahseely) or Instagram (@taylorseely); then check back here on 

From Brittany Petch:

pumpkin butt photo trend

Credit: Brittany Petch

From Victoria Moore:

Pumpkin butt photo trend

Credit: Victoria Moore

From Tina Sundelius:

baby pumpkin butt

Credit: Tina Sundelius

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