Halt everything, '90s lovers! The virtual Tamagotchi pet is back

The Tamagotchi is being re-released for its 20th anniversary in the U.S. coming November 2017.

Halt everything, '90s lovers! The virtual Tamagotchi pet is back

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Halt everything, '90s lovers! The virtual Tamagotchi pet is back



The weird egg-shaped, virtual-pet goodness otherwise known as the Tamagotchi is making its way back to the U.S. in honor of the toy’s 20th anniversary.

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Any true ’90s lover will know what these are. And if you don’t? I’m sorry you had such a deprived childhood.

Credit: Giphy

The Tamagotchi was a tiny, handheld device containing a sacred virtual pet you had to take care of. And I mean full-scale parenting (at least for a kid): feeding, cleaning, nurturing, etc. And if you missed a meal time, this device wasn’t messing around.

Your little buddy would die!

I shed my fair share of tears over lost E-pets. But not to brag, I was actually a pretty bomb Tamagotchi owner.

How to get a Tamagotchi and other FAQs

How many? Look for six different 20th anniversary Tamagotchi shells to be released (in limited quantities).

What will they look like? They’ll be the same shape as the old ones, with the same pixelated screens, but they’ll be smaller.

What’s the price? $14.99 is the suggest retail price. But a heads-up: Original Tamagotchis on Amazon are selling for about $40 to $60. Once these new babies sell out, their prices will likely surge online.

When and where can I get one? The statement says the toys will be available at North American retailers on Sunday, Nov. 5, and fans can preorder them. Right now, we’ve found them available on Amazon, but we reached out to the toy company to find more locations.

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