OPEN the front door! Costco now delivers groceries

Costco now offers same-day grocery delivery

OPEN the front door! Costco now delivers groceries

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OPEN the front door! Costco now delivers groceries


What you lose in free food sample stations, you may save in gas and that giant cheese wheel impulse buy with Costco’s new grocery delivery.


Costco Wholesale Corp. has begun offering two new home grocery delivery options: same-day and two-day delivery.

The first offers same-day delivery of about 1,700 fresh foods in 376 stores nationwide through to Costco members. If your neighborhood Costco isn’t yet delivering, it might be soon. said the number of stores offering the service is expected to grow through 2018.

The price of convenience

For fresh-food deliveries, orders under $35 require a delivery fee. Same-day delivery may arrive to your home in as little as two hours.

What’s not to love?

Well, the low-cost items of the giant warehouse will be marked up 15 to 17 percent, compared to store prices, the company said.

Costco now offering home grocery delivery

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CostcoGrocery also is offering a two-day delivery option of about 500 dry goods. You need to spend at least $75 to avoid a delivery fee, which should be a breeze once you order something like a 36-can sockeye salmon pack (about $140).

The warehouse club company said the price of dry goods delivery foods also will be higher, but did not say how much higher.

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