Funny 'missed connection' mom should be viral for other reasons

Supermarket aisle with red shopping cart

Funny 'missed connection' mom should be viral for other reasons


Funny 'missed connection' mom should be viral for other reasons


Right now, a mom is going viral for her flipping hysterical “missed connection” Facebook post, but no one’s pointing out the bigger (more important) picture.

It all started with Nikki Pennington’s open letter to another mom she spotted shopping at Target in yoga pants, donning a messy bun and Starbucks.

“I was wearing my mom couture complete with dry shampoo hair, no makeup, yesterday’s T-shirt and yoga pants. You were also wearing yoga pants with flip flops and a messy bun. The venti Starbucks in your hand was a dead giveaway that even though you were wearing yoga pants you had in fact not come from the gym. I know because I was doing the exact same thing.”

Pennington felt they could have been “BMFFs,” or best mom friends forever. She noticed the woman’s cart was filled with diapers, soda, wine and chocolate — further proof they were destined for friendship. And she told Huffington Post she hoped to inspire other women to just say hi, instead of shying away.

But Pennington is not just funny.

I found out that she writes a blog, Grief to Hope, where she talks about the loss of her mother to brain cancer and what life can be like for motherless daughters.

In each post she publishes, which is usually both on the blog and her Facebook page, Pennington receives genuine responses of support and mutual understanding.

Pennington crafts touching, vulnerable but also humorous commentary on day-to-day life. And it’s not just a blog for the sake of having one. It’s pretty evident it’s not for the Instagram follows or Facebook likes.

She’s using her grief to connect with others, thus helping them feel less alone.

Can you imagine what the world would be like if there were more people brave enough to channel their sorrows like this?

From me and probably everyone who has ever lost someone, thank you Nikki Pennington for your bravery, strength and beautiful words.

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