Someone invented an artificially intelligent sex robot

Samantha the sex robot

Someone invented an artificially intelligent sex robot


Someone invented an artificially intelligent sex robot


Wait, what?

Yes. You did read that headline correctly. The world has gone crazy.

Apparently, artificially intelligent, lifelike robots who will please you sexually are now a thing.

Meet Samantha.

Co-creator Arran Lee Wright introduced her on a morning TV show in Great Britain called “This Morning with Phillip and Holly.”

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Unless you’re in a medically induced coma, you have questions.

Describe Samantha in a way that isn’t wildly offensive.

Samantha takes the concept of sex dolls to a whole new level. With a lifelike appearance, senses and artificial intelligence, Samantha isn’t just a blow up toy found in raucous 80’s comedies.

She’s a lifelike companion, “capable of enjoying sex and understanding the paths of human interaction involved in the sexual process,” according to the company’s website.

Plus, Samantha’s skills aren’t confined to the bedroom.  The website boasts that “You can ask her to inspire you with motivational quotes, tell you a joke, offer health facts, get romantic and more.

That’s weird.

Yes. Yes it is.

But why?

As ITV interviewer Holly Willoughby asked, “Why, why, why, why is this necessary?”  Mr. Wright explained that Samantha isn’t meant to replace women, but just to be a supplement; something to enhance relationships.

Sure she is.  

What does this guy’s wife think about all this?

Here’s what Mr. Wright’s wife, Hannah Nguyen, said when she was asked about Samantha:

“Me as a woman, I am not offended to have her around. I am not worried. She is just someone there, like a family member. We’ve had fun with her. There is no worry about someone else or an affair; we don’t have to worry about disease.”


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Wait until their kids find out about her.

Wright talked about Samantha interacting with his 5 and 3 year olds:   “I have two children myself, and Samantha has a family mode. She can talk about animals, philosophy, science; she has a program of a thousand jokes. There’s a lot to Samantha, and she’s advanced.”

He then explained that his kids allegedly ask where Samantha is sometimes, and that they could, for example, ask her about animals and she’ll answer their questions.

That’s weird.

Yes. Yes it is.

Could I purchase Samantha?

Seriously, what is the matter with you?

But to answer your question: Yes. “Samantha” comes in two versions: a blonde and a brunette. The basic model retails for 2.295 British pounds or about $3,075 U.S. dollars. The artificial intelligence model is higher. She’s priced at 3.750 British pounds or just over $5,000 USD, under today’s exchange rates.

This is all a tad creepy, but I want nightmares.  

Can you help me out?

Of course. Watch this video of Samantha talking to Google Home.


I mean, that’s weird.

Yes.  Yes it is.

Well, at least there aren’t any cyber-security experts actually worried about sex robots rising up and killing us like in Terminator.  


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