There's nothing wrong with your 'weirdest' pregnancy questions

There's nothing wrong with your 'weirdest' pregnancy questions

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There's nothing wrong with your 'weirdest' pregnancy questions


The thought of giving birth is scary. No ifs, ands or buts about it.

Luckily for today’s moms, there’s Google to tame concerns.

Just kidding! Anyone who’s ever been to WebMD can tell you to just avoid the Internet at all costs when you’re sick or expecting.

But really, what people are Googling can tell you a lot about society as a whole.

Think about it. Why do we Google?

A lot of it comes down to needing basic information, like what is or isn’t safe to eat while pregnant. But there’s another reason, too.

We Google the questions we’re too embarrassed or too scared to ask. 

When you put that in the context of pregnancy, that’s pretty sad.

Can we all collectively agree that pushing a human out of your uterus is grounds for asking whatever the heck you want?

My thinking is yes.

So I thought it incumbent upon me to reach out and see …

What ARE moms researching before giving birth?

I reached out to colleagues, friends, Facebook mommy groups, and online forums.

Let’s throw pride out the door for a second, because I have a feeling you might be asking the same funny, silly and intimate questions they asked.

Bottom line: Don’t ever think you’re alone. You’re allowed to ask whatever you want.

questions about giving birth that are perfectly normal (even if they feel weird):

Breastfeeding questions:
  • Can my baby accidentally arouse me while breastfeeding?
  • Why are my nipples so crusty while breastfeeding?
  • What does a clogged milk duct look like? “I remember … reading about how it could be resolved through massage. Good thing I had a lactation consultant who could coach me. And even better? I never experienced the pain-in-the-breast condition.”
  • How long will my nipples bleed after first starting breastfeeding?
  • How much does breastfeeding hurt? What is the closest sensation?
  • How much wine is too much wine when breastfeeding?

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  • Why did my nipples get so dark and big when I started breastfeeding?
  • How can I stop breastfeeding leaking accidents? Can I use an ace bandage to hold my boobs down and prevent leaking?
  • What is that smell coming from my nipples after I’ve breastfed?
Sex questions:
  • Can you still have sex being like 30-some weeks (pregnant)?
  • How does sex change breastfeeding? Will I still like it?
  • Sex while breastfeeding. “Let’s just say I didn’t need to look that one up, it was more of a ‘had to clean it up’ sort of experience involving my then-husband.”
  • Why does pregnancy increase how frequently you want to have sex?
  • How does having a baby affect your sex life?
Labor questions:

  • How common is it to poop on the table during labor?
  • How do you induce labor? “By the way, nothing works!”
  • If I drink castor oil, will it send me into labor early?
  • What does it feel like when your water breaks?
  • Does nipple stimulation cause women to go into labor?
  • How many doctors HAVE to be in the room during delivery?
  • What helps with labor?
  • What is hypnobirth?
  • What are the pros and cons to a home birth?
Eating-while-pregnant questions:
  • Can pregnant women eat sushi?
  • Can pregnant women drink wine? How much wine can pregnant women drink?
  • How much protein do women need to consume when pregnant? Where should the protein come from?
  • How much caffeine is safe to consume (when pregnant)?
  • What foods do I need to avoid?
The I-don’t-even-know-what-type-of-question questions:

  • Can baby boys get erections while in the belly?
  • What is this stuff coming out of me?
  • How is it possible for the baby to hiccup in my belly without air?
Baby questions
  • How to tell if you’re having a boy or girl (or signs you’re having a boy or girl)?
  • How is the baby developing at (insert number) weeks?
  • What is life like with a newborn?
  • How can you tell what part of your baby is moving in utero? What position is my baby in?
  • What is hypnotherapy for children?
  • What impacts can environment have on prenatal development?
  • What effects does TV have on neonatal development?
  • What is meconium?
  • Do babies poop in utero?
Health , safety and risk questions:
  • Is it true that cats can suffocate a baby?
  • What are the risks of having a baby with Down syndrome after age 35?
  • What’s the difference between a midwife and a doctor?
  • Am I gaining enough weight?
  • What do I need to know about health insurance for babies? What does my policy cover for dependents?
  • What are the chances of my baby being born with an incurable disease?
  • What over-the-counter medicine is safe to take while pregnant?
  • Can you take Sudafed while pregnant? What cold medicines are safe to take while pregnant?
  • What stops heartburn while pregnant?
  • When does the baby bump start showing? I’m about 15 weeks and not showing; is that normal?
  • Is it normal to be constantly aware of the baby inside me and grab my belly to protect it all the time?
  • What complications might emerge during pregnancy?
  • What are the pros and cons of vaccinating my child?
Comfort questions:
  • Best sleep positions while pregnant?
  • How do you deal with feet swelling? Flip flops are all I can wear right now.
  • When do women typically start wearing maternity clothing?
  • Do nipples stay sore the entire pregnancy?
Body questions:
  • Why does my vagina look like a sci-fi horror film? With bulging veins?
  • How do I avoid getting stretch marks?
  • What are safe work outs for pregnant women?
  • What is the bulge in the middle of my abdomen?
  • What do you do for diastasis recti?
  • Why isn’t my hair luscious and shiny?
Emotional questions:


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