IKEA ad of single-mom life is a bummer — at first

IKEA ad of single-mom life is a bummer — at first

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IKEA ad of single-mom life is a bummer — at first


A new advertisement for IKEA, a Scandinavian retail chain that sells home goods and food, shows a single mom trudging home under darkening skies with two bags of groceries. Some somber singer croons, “Life is beautiful, yes it is…”

She turns the key and opens a door blocked by shoes and duffel bags. Some teens are playing video games. Another is ladling marinara sauce over pasta. Other teens, presumably some her children, don’t bother to glance up from their laptops. The place is a cluttered wreck.

Flees in despair

In frustration, she drops the groceries, the contents spilling, before fleeing alone to the back balcony to look out over the city landscape in despair.

Credit: IKEA/YouTube

Wow, what a bummer. Hardly a thumbs up for the single-parenting lifestyle. But in the end, the ad, titled “Enough,” gives us reason to hope.

This isn’t the first time IKEA has launched a commercial, which, as AdWeek puts it, isn’t “scrubbed to perfection.” AdWeek explores other times IKEA has tackled what was previously considered taboo topics including divorce, the breakdown of the father/daughter bond and adoption.

The teens in the commercial get off the couch and start silently doing the dishes, putting away the spilled groceries and cleaning up.

Isn’t that what any mom, single or not, wants?

The product plugs — for the washed bowl and pot — come at the end.

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