10 Netflix shows moms are sneaking off to watch

10 Netflix shows moms are sneaking off to watch


10 Netflix shows moms are sneaking off to watch


How do moms watch Netflix? The same way they find five minutes alone. They sneak it.

A recent Netflix study looked at mom preferences for streaming video.

They learned the obvious: 97 percent had more “me time” for binge-watching before becoming mothers.

They also learned the obvious to moms everywhere: 71 percent “sneak” viewing time. Almost half (46 percent) admit to sneaking three times a day. That’s not surprising, since a mom’s day is a series of tasks and obligations that prevent one long sneak-a-thon.

How moms sneak

The Netflix Mom TV Me-Time Survey 2017 also found:

  • 57 percent sneak watch while loading laundry.
  • 48 percent view shows while cooking.
  • 40 percent follow their favorite characters by extending time in the bathroom.
  • 27 percent watch by taking extra time to apply makeup.
  • 21 percent by hiding in the pantry, closet, basement or laundry room.
  • 15 percent by lengthening their time at the gym to lengthen view time.
  • 15 percent by pressing play while parked for school pick up.

What moms watch

The most sneaked shows:

  1. “The Walking Dead”
  2. “Grey’s Anatomy”
  3. “Orange is the New Black”
  4. “Friends”
  5. “13 Reasons Why”
  6. “Scandal”
  7. “How to Get Away With Murder”
  8. “Once Upon A Time”
  9. “Fuller House”
  10. “Gilmore Girls”

Why moms sneak

Before anyone gets all judge-y, let’s consider that most of these reasons aren’t selfish extravagances but a very real need to feel human again.

Credit: Netflix

  • 66 percent to take a break from the daily routine
  • 49 percent for adult-only time
  • 55 percent to feel less stressed
  • 37 percent be feel more refreshed
  • 47 percent for some peace and quiet
  • 46 percent to watch something other than kids TV
  • 32 percent to feel like one’s old self again
  • 19 percent to be a better parent.

The survey was conducted between June 9-14. Netflix surveyed 1,006 U.S. moms (including 307 Hispanic moms) and 322 Canadian moms with children under the age of 9 and living at home.

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