I’d trust my 22-year-old son with my life. My death, not so much

I’d trust my 22-year-old son with my life. My death, not so much

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I’d trust my 22-year-old son with my life. My death, not so much


Back during the “moody” and “easy to anger” phase. Credit: Photo courtesy of Scott Craven

I’m finalizing a revision of my medical power of attorney, in which I denote those who would make important decisions if I’m incapacitated.

It’s like coming up with a list of your closest Facebook friends who would know when it’s time to check my “un-live” box.
The last time I updated the form, my son Bryson was 15 years old, moody and easy to anger. Though his age made him ineligible to have the power of life and death, he was a poor choice for other reasons.

What if I slipped into a coma the day after I ordered him to keep his bedroom door open when a girl came over?  My plug would be pulled via text.

He’s an adult…but not my medical power of attorney

Now he’s 22 and living on his own, and he has more appreciation for me (or at least for the cost-free lifestyle I provided.)
Still, he didn’t take the top spot on my medical power of attorney.

Now 22 and with a greater appreciation for the cost-free lifestyle I provided. Credit: Photo courtesy of Scott Craven

I initially had Bryson third, behind my girlfriend and a friend who has since moved out-of-state. I moved him up to No. 2 because my out-of-state friend insisted on Skyping before he made any decision. That’s encouraging, but I’m not sure how the hospital (or hospice) might feel.

Ending up on Instagram

Despite the close family connection, Bryson won’t move to No. 1 anytime soon.
I’m worried I’ll teeter on death at some point before noon, and he’ll still be sleeping. Or the fateful moment occurs on a Friday or Saturday night, increasing the odds he’ll decide my fate under the influence.
I’m also worried he’ll post my condition on Instagram and Facebook to crowdsource the decision. Accompanying my very unflattering photo would be this simple question – “Plug: In or out?” For now, I’m very comfortable knowing my girlfriend will make the right call. If she’s available. And if not, well …
Hmm, maybe Skyping would work after all.

Scott Craven of the Arizona Republic.

Scott Craven has been a father for 22 years, the longest he’s stuck with anything in his life. He is also the author of the “Dead Jed: Adventures of a Middle School Zombie” trilogy available on Amazon. Find him atFacebook.com/authorscottcraven.



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