5 great sites for printable St. Patrick's Day coloring pages

Cheerful siblings coloring different illustrations

5 great sites for printable St. Patrick's Day coloring pages


5 great sites for printable St. Patrick's Day coloring pages


It’s nearly St. Patrick’s Day!

And while it’s not the biggest holiday in the U.S., it’s always pretty fun to dress up in green and find small ways to celebrate.

What’s not fun is when the kids get a little too pinch-happy, but maybe this can distract them from that.

We’ve compiled a few sites that offer downloadable St. Patrick’s Day coloring pages for kids.

The day happens once a year. You hardly need a whole book for goodness sake, so just grab a few of these and print them at home.

1. Momjunction: 25 free downloads

In addition to basic, cute prints, this site offers fun mazes and activities on paper. Not the just coloring pages themselves.

2. Reading with Kids: 4 St. Patrick’s Day coloring pages  

This site has super cute connect-the-dots coloring pages.

3. Scholastic’s variety of St. Patrick’s Day prints

These might be some of the coolest out there. Kids can color in the pieces to a paper leprechaun muppet as well as color a deck of matching cards to play the memory game.

4. Educents 150-page packet of educational coloring pages for St. Paddy’s Day

Though it’ll cost you $10.99, this downloadable packet comes with 150 pages worth of coloring activities and educational content. This would make a great gift for a teacher, parents!

5. Kix Cereal’s St. Paddy’s Day print

Yes, apparently cereal sites offer coloring pages. You learn something everyday!

What makes this different from the others though, is this actually isn’t a coloring page. It’s just a downloadable print that kids can fold to make into a “cootie catcher.” I used to call them fortune tellers, but what do I know?

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