Valentine's Day Desserts: 10 sweet treats for February

Pretty little girl taste cookies with her dog during Valentine's day. The photo can also go for a surprise of mother's and father's day. She is nearly 3 years old . She is sit on a kitchen counter. Her face is dirty with cream. Photo was taken in Quebec Canada in the kitchen of a log home.

Valentine's Day Desserts: 10 sweet treats for February

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Valentine's Day Desserts: 10 sweet treats for February


The month of love is here! And what’s sweeter than love? Dessert, of course!

So if you’re in the baking mood this month, whether for your honey, your kiddos or heck — YOURSELF — we’ve got fun treat ideas for you.

1. Pink ombre cakes 

Visit for the recipe.

2. Red Jello Cake

Visit Kelly’s Kitchen Creations for the recipe.

3. Red Velvet Cupcakes, Cream Cheese Frosting

Visit The Baking Explorer for the recipe.

4. Pink ombre cheesecake

Visit Contemplating Sweets for the recipe.

5. Chocolate crepe cake with mascarpone cream

Visit Alena Food Photo for the recipe.

6. No-bake raspberry cheesecake parfaits 

Visit Birds Party for the recipe.

7. Pink and red M&M cookies

Visit No. 2. Pencil for the recipe.

8. Red velvet cheesecake brownies

Visit One Little Project for the recipe.

9. Red velvet sugar cookies

Visit Dessert for Two for the recipe.

10. Chocolate fondue for assorted fruits, cookies

Visit Genius Kitchen for a chocolate fondue recipe.

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