Ikea is asking women to pee on an ad: Thanks for the free pregnancy test! Also, weird...

Ikea is asking women to pee on an ad: Thanks for the free pregnancy test! Also, weird...

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Ikea is asking women to pee on an ad: Thanks for the free pregnancy test! Also, weird...

Pregnancy is a dignity parade.

From the pink paper gowns and cold lube of the first exam to the grand finale, where the best-case scenario is that you DON’T poop in front of the roughly three dozen strangers watching your vajayjay for a floppy human to pop out, there is very little about pregnancy that isn’t uncomfortable, disturbing or flat-out horrifying.

(And for everyone tempted to tell me how much you LOVED being pregnant: Shut up now. It’s for your own safety.)

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Fortunately, we now have Ikea to make it a little more gross.

The international purveyor of flat-packed furniture and living-room-floor assembly fights has a new campaign in which it invites pregnant women to pee on a magazine ad for a discount on cribs.

According to AdWeek, Ikea’s creative chief Magnus Jakobsson said you don’t actually have to pee on the ad. Really, it’s just a free pregnancy test. The discount is available to all Ikea Family Program members, not just pregnant women.

In an article by CNBC, it is indicated that a positive test result reveals the discount code that can be used toward purchase. And it is also suggested that women “dab urine” on the test strip portion of the ad. Don’t just open the floodgates.

Can we talk about how odd this idea is?

I’m sure this Ikea campaign has an actual name. But I’m going to call it TYNKÜLL. (Get it? Tinkle) 

TYNKÜLL, according to the agency that placed it in Swedish women’s magazine Amelia, is based on pregnancy test strips.

So, we’re told, a wizz on the ad will show if you’re:

1) really pregnant and deserve a break on baby furniture


2) you’re a scam artist looking to knock a few bucks off of that crib you’ve had your eye on to really tie the room together.

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But how will they know?

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The Ad Weekly article about TYNKÜLL didn’t say how you’re supposed to redeem your coupon. Will Ikea take your word for it, or is some unfortunate transfer from Småland shivering in a fetal position behind a dutch door and a pallet of exam gloves right now?

And will pregnant Swedes find this a delight or just shrug and robotically reach for the drawstring on their maternity pants, conditioned — after months of doctors appointments that always start with a plastic cup and a visit to the bathroom — to submit themselves to one more demand for samples of their body fluids?

Kind of nice, in a weird way. In the meantime, here’s hoping nobody has any cute ideas for discounts on meatballs.

Reminder – Please don’t pee on the ad and take the ad in. Nobody wants that. 

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