2018 Pinterest trends: Earth babies, mod nurseries, teething jewelry

2018 Pinterest trends: Earth babies, mod nurseries, teething jewelry

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2018 Pinterest trends: Earth babies, mod nurseries, teething jewelry


Pinterest has released its list of trend predictions for 2018 based on data collected of the rising number of pins year over year. The full list includes food, fashion, home and other categories.

A specific list that we are highlighting breaks down for parents and kids the most coveted toys, home items and personal items.

Eco friendly babies

Seeing the most growth is the category of Earth babies at a 750 percent increase in pins. It’s predicted to continue on its upward trajectory with people pinning items that include eco-friendly diapers, recycled clothes and planet-friendly materials that leave a smaller footprint on the Earth.

More 2018 trends

Perma-forts. (Up 108 percent). These forts are bonafide furniture, not just something your kids throw together during a sleepover. Your pillow forts will feel fort-envy.

Teething necklaces. Up 146 percent. They’re going to want to chew on it anyway. Why not give them something to sink they’re teeth into that is stylish yet safe and will soothe their gums?

Weighted blankets. Up 259 percent. These blankets are believed to be calming and sleep-inducing.

Yarn or Pom-pom decor. Up 444 percent. DIY yarn decor with pom poms is oh so cozy and cute.

Removable wall art. Up 219 percent. Stick it and forget it! Until it’s time to redecorate…

Mod nurseries. Up 85 percent. For parents wanting a library-meets-lounge feel to their nursery.

Tiny trackers. Up 58 percent. Apps, cheat sheets and other ways to track baby’s moments and milestones.

Pre-baby nesting. Up 207 percent. Baby arrival bucket lists and prepping. This includes a lot of frozen, ready-to-eat meals.

Toys from trees. Up 173 percent.  There’s something comforting in these high-tech times about this decidedly low-tech approach. Parents are pinning like crazy these toys made from trees.

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