You can order a 12-foot-long, family-sized bed. Seriously.

African american family looking at a laptop in a bed.

You can order a 12-foot-long, family-sized bed. Seriously.


You can order a 12-foot-long, family-sized bed. Seriously.


I don’t even know how to begin this story because I just really cannot fathom a 12-FOOT-LONG BED.

But, by the power vested in me, I announce: It is true.

Peace out, days of being cramped and squished. And HELLO wide-open sea of sheets!

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According to the company site, Ace Collection‘s extra-wide bed concept started five years ago when “a client wanted a bed large enough to fit all of her children, while she read them a bedtime story.”

The family-sized mattress is 80″ long and 144″ wide.

If you need a frame of reference:

Queens are 80″ long and 60″ wide

Kings are 80″ long and 75″ wide.

So that’s no tiny increase we’re talking about!

To jump from 5-feet-wide for a queen, to 6.33 feet for a king is pretty solid. Most consider kings a luxury, right? So to then jump to 12 -dang-feet-wide for the family! That’s nearly doubling!

I feel like you could fit a whole school in that bed.

Not that I’m complaining, I love big beds.

But don’t forget about the sheets and the frame

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but a custom-sized mattress requires custom-sized frames and sheets, too. So you’re pretty much confined to what the mattress seller offers.

Here’s the price break down:

  • Mattress: $2,750 – $4,054
  • Mattress topper: $500
  • Frame: $600 – $5,000
  • Bed skirts: $330
  • Mattress protector: $360
  • Fitted sheet: $360
  • Sheet set: $880
  • Duvet cover: $530
  • Duvet insert: $850 – $1,870 

I know, such a buzzkill, right?

Credit: Giphy

Still, it might be worth saving those pennies for! At least you now have something new to fantasize about in the meantime…

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