Best Thanksgiving crafts to keep kids busy over school break

Thanksgiving means school holidays, which translates to bored children.

Best Thanksgiving crafts to keep kids busy over school break

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Best Thanksgiving crafts to keep kids busy over school break

We scoured Pinterest for the best Thanksgiving crafts to make holiday memories with your family and keep your kids busy during the school break.

Here are 10 of our favorite projects.

The Thankful Tree

Remember the countdown-to-Christmas paper chains we made as children? This first idea is similar and can double as a centerpiece for your table.

Each day from now until Thanksgiving, add a new leaf with one thing you are thankful for to twigs in a Mason jar. Invite your children to each write their own thanks.

Thanksgiving pie garland

Who can resist the alluring scent of a freshly baked pumpkin pie? This holiday garland is the perfect recipe to satisfy any sweet tooth (may require parent preparation).

You can even use it like a reverse advent calendar and add a new slice every day until Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving turkey tulle wreath

What’s cuter than this turkey wreath for your door? Craft stores have mini wreaths your kids can do for their bedroom doors or their favorite teacher’s classroom door.

Turkey windsocks

Who said tin cans, streamers and ribbons can’t be fun? After making the turkey streamers, your children can write what they are thankful for on the streamers every day until Thanksgiving.

Corn cob painting

Sometimes, little hands just need to get messy. This quick and easy DIY painting brush is the perfect fix to bored hands. Let your children’s creativity run on large parchment papers using harvest colors. Then laminate them for table placemats at your Thanksgiving table.

Pumpkin handprint photo keepsake

Looking for a Thanksgiving craft to remember those tiny hands and little cherub faces? A homemade salt dough handprint photo frame is the perfect answer and can double as Christmas tree ornaments.

Pinecone turkey

Do your children collect little nature trinkets like rocks, acorns or pinecones? This craft is puts them to good use. Pinecone turkey craft lets your little artist get creative and make darling festivities decorations.

Fall leaf Mason jar candle holder

This craft will require help from a grown-up. Collect fall leaves from nature or your local craft store. Make sure to pick up the hodgepodge too. On the outside, arrange the leaves to their liking and hodgepodge them down. These cute Mason jars can double as table decorations with flameless candles.

Hand turkey table runner

This idea is perfect for any table or buffet line for your Thanksgiving feast. Simply make hand turkeys from the entire family and decorate paper or fabric with leaves. Preserve it with hodgepodge or fabric glues.

Button cornucopia

We all have them laying around thinking one day we will sew them back on garment missing them. But we never do. The best way to get rid of all those homeless buttons? Make a button cornucopia, of course!

No matter what crafts you decide to do with your kids, just have fun making memories together.

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