Single dad asks Reddit for tampon advice for daughter. Hearts melt.

Today I came across a man’s Reddit post with the headline, “Single dad seeking advice for daughter who is heartbroken after hour-long fail with first tampon.

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I know Reddit is the low-key, cool site for online hipsters who were hipster before it was a thing. I probably shouldn’t be taking the post and making it public. BUT, I won’t link and I won’t even share usernames.

I just think everyone needs to know the goodness of this man’s heart.

He shares this story of his tween daughter perusing the feminine hygiene aisle because she had a pool party to go to.

“I hadn’t made the connection earlier that she would need some kind of alternative to her usual pads in order to go swimming,” he writes.

I mean, c’mon. This dad’s just so innocent. My heart is soaking in emotions.

Then he eventually explains how his daughter picks a box out, goes home to attempt insertion and well… she fails.

She didn’t want her dad around (understandable), and she didn’t want to talk to her grandma (his mom), either. So he recommends YouTube videos, but it just doesn’t work!

And he discovers it doesn’t work because after about 45 minutes, he hears her crying upstairs.

Credit: Giphy


He finalizes his post the manly way, adding a “sorry this post is so long” comment, but essentially pleas for some dang help. Because HE LOVES HIS DAUGHTER, of course.

I’m happy to say plenty of kind women chimed in with responses, and I’m very confident his daughter will figure it out soon.

But can we just get a round of applause for the single dads out there? You guys rock. Hang in there. We see you.

Credit: Giphy

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