'A Bad Moms Christmas' reviews: Why critics are panning this sequel

“A Bad Moms Christmas” came out on Nov. 1, and if you loved the first one, you’re probably scrounging your schedule to find time to hit the movies with your girlfriends to catch the much-anticipated sequel.

To make sure it’s worth your time and money, read these reviews first. Maybe you’ll decide you’re better off waiting for it to come out on Redbox.

What critics are saying about ‘A Bad Moms Christmas’

Based on headline scans, it seems like most outlets are rating it “EH.” But here’s some more detail about the second movie, directed by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore.

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Despite the hysterical, over-the-top nature of the first “Bad Moms,” Brian Truitt’s main critique of the second is that the movie goes too soft. The creators up the star power but downplay the moms’ crazy, rebellious spirits.

They “dive into full Hallmark Channel schmaltz,” he said.

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The characters are too stereotypical and cliche, Katie Walsh writes. Dealing with the crisis of the modern-day wine mom who feels crushed under the pressures of the “heteronormative capitalist patriarchy” is a serious issue. And it should be explored, she said, but not by two men.

“These characters are cartoonish campy drag personae of women, categorized by their attributes, like Santa’s reindeer or the Smurfs: Stressy, Crazy, Slutty, Critical, Clingy and Drifter,” she said.


Owen Gleiberman clearly adored the first film, as he summarized:

“It was about something all too real and (in the movies) new: the high-maintenance, low-reward, whatever-you-do-you-can’t-win experience of middle-class motherhood in the age of the Mommy Wars.”

But like Truitt, Gleiberman felt the movie lost the “audacity” from the first film and became “more cautiously conventional” in the second go-around. It highlighted some interesting themes (such as grandmothers driving mothers crazy), he said, and is essentially a half-way decent film… but still: Moms deserve better.

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