Top 5 couples' Halloween costumes for parents who like to dress up too

Think Halloween is just for kids? Unless you live in the Canadian town of Bathurst, New Brunswick, which has an age cap for trick-or-treaters, nothing could be further from the truth.

If Halloween ended at adulthood, when would we get our yearly chocolate allowance?

Not that you need a costume for chocolate privileges, but here are the year’s top ideas for moms and dads who still like to dress up.

Google’s top 5 couples’ costume searches

1. Bonnie and Clyde:

If you and your spouse are thrill seekers like Bonnie and Clyde, then go ahead and embrace your inner bank robber. Just watch out for that last drive.

Bonnie and Clyde costume. Credit: Getty Images

2. Beauty and the Beast:

Is your love story a tale as old as time? True as it can be? Grab your beast –  um, husband – and dress to dance the night away.

Beauty and the Beast costume. Credit: Getty Images

3. Forrest Gump and Jenny:

Maybe it took you guys some time to figure things out? One of you needed to sow some wild oats? Then channel Forrest, who always knew he’d end up with Jenny.

Forrest Gump and Jenny costume. Credit: Creative Commons

4. Lilo and Stitch:

As Lilo and Stitch remind us: ohana means family. And everybody knows the family that cosplays together, stays together.

Lilo and Stitch costume. Credit: Creative Commons.

5. Tarzan and Jane:

If he swung in and swept you off your feet, embrace being Jane and never return to the homeland. Wait, you have to: those kids won’t get themselves to school.

Tarzan and Jane costume. Credit: Getty Images

Are you thinking about what your costume choices could be? Check out these ridiculously cute family costumes here or cheap and easy DIY costumes here.

Make sure you check out Google’s 15 top Halloween costumes here first. But go have some fun, moms and dads!

Watch: Google’s top 2017 Halloween costume predictions.


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