Will Ferrell's funny videos to parents: Put your phones away

Will Ferrell, star of Daddy’s Home 2 (in theaters Nov. 10), captures with his usual hapless hilarity the role of parent with a smart phone at dinner in his latest project, #devicefreedinner.

He plays a smart phone-addicted dad, obsessed with social media “likes” and oblivious that his children say they desperately miss him, although he’s inches away at the dinner table.

Ferrell partnered with Common Sense Media for a series of three videos aimed at reducing distracted parenting and reconnecting families at dinner.

Ferrell shows parents in the videos what NOT to do:

  • Bring smart phones to the dinner table or refuse to put them in the specially designated holding basket on the table.
  • Ask questions of spouses and kids and then instead of listening, scroll your social feeds and text messages.
  • Make comments as if you’re listening to family conversation but look at your smart phone instead of making eye contact with the speaker.
  • Plead for 5 more minutes on your phone as your family scowls at you.

Watch the videos:


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