Google predicts top 15 trendiest 2017 Halloween costumes

It’s one week until Halloween, have you picked up your family costumes and accessories yet?

Google predicts top 15 trendiest 2017 Halloween costumes


Google predicts top 15 trendiest 2017 Halloween costumes

Halloween is less than a week away. Have you picked up your family’s costumes and accessories yet?

I haven’t even started. I entertained the idea of attempting to fit my kids into their Ninja Turtles costumes from last year.

You still have time to make up — or change — your mind after seeing Google’s most popular costume ideas, based on searches nationwide.

As of Wednesday, the 15 most commonly searched costumes for Halloween 2017 include:

1. Wonder Woman

It’s no surprise that Diana, the Amazonian princess turned Wonder Woman heroine, exploded back onto the scene just before summer and has not slowed down. She is most popular in Parkersburg, West Virginia.

Wonder Woman costumes are the top searched according to Google.

Wonder Woman. Credit: Getty Images.

2. Harley Quinn

The supervillain you love to hate has not lost her steam since debuting by the Joker’s side at the end of summer last year. She is most popular in Casper, Wyoming.

Harley Quinn comes in at No. 2 on Google's predictions for Halloween 2017.

Harley Quinn. Credit: Getty Images.

3. Clown

They used to be funny until your father made you watch “IT” when you were 5 and now they are terrifying.

4. Unicorn

Who wouldn’t want to be a mythical creature? You can even be a zombie unicorn. True story — go ahead and Google that.

5. Rabbit

A white rabbit perhaps? On the radar because of “Alice in Wonderland” movies in 2010 and 2016 that starred Johnny Depp. Most popular in Laredo, Texas.

Rabbit costumes come in at No. 5 on Google's predictions.

“Alice in Wonderland.” Credit: Getty Images.

6. Witch

“Winnie! I smell children!” Who doesn’t love the Sanderson sisters? Please, hurry up and make “Hocus Pocus 2”! This is the most popular search in Parkersburg, West Virginia.

Witch costumes come in at No. 6 on Google's predictions.

“Hocus Pocus” Credit: Getty Images.

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7. Mouse

As in world-famous Mickey Mouse, 89 years young and still captivating audiences young and old. Most popular in Bozeman, Montana.

Mouse costumes come in at No. 7 on Google's predictions.

Mickey Mouse. Credit: Getty Images.

8. Pirate

Capt. Jack Sparrow still shows a strong presence after “Dead Men Tell No Tales” came out in May and the strong possibility of a sixth movie. Most popular search in Dayton, Ohio.

Pirate costumes come in at No. 8 on Google's predictions.

Capt. Jack Sparrow. Credit: Getty Images.

9. Zombie

No matter whether you are #TeamRick or #TeamNegan on AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” the zombies steal the show at Halloween. Most popular in Abilene, Texas.

Zombie costumes come in at No. 9 on Google's predictions.

“The Walking Dead.” Credit: Getty Images

10. Dinosaur

“I’m da baby!” Yep, that dinosaur made a comeback after Hulu revived him on your streaming devices. But Google said Stuffy McStuffins and “Jurassic Park” helped boost this search.

11. Princess

Don’t worry, Disney princesses still make the cut. According to Google, people are searching for the classic princesses — Belle, Cinderella and Snow White. Most popular search in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Princess costumes come in at No. 11 on Google's predictions.

Disney princesses. Credit: Getty Images

12. Moana

Still riding the 2016 waves of stardom and proving to be one of the fiercest Disney princesses, Moana is a favorite everywhere. Most popular search in Portland, Maine.

Moana costumes come in at No. 12 on Google's predictions.

“Moana.” Credit: Disney Pictures

13. Ninja

Thanks to the popular LEGO Ninjago movies, everything ninja is a strong possibility this year.

14. Superhero

The battle between Marvel and DC Comics continues and Google said there is no distinct winner between Captain America and Batman. Most popular search in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Superhero costumes come in at No. 14 on Google's predictions.

Marvel and DC Comics. Credit: Creative Commons

15. Mermaid

Ariel has made a top Halloween costume list since she set eyes on Prince Eric in 1989. She is the most popular search in Parkersburg, West Virginia.

Mermaid costumes come in at No. 15 on Google's predictions.

Ariel. Credit: Getty Images.

Rounding out the top 20 are Pennywise, the clown from IT,  Batman,  monster,  vampire,  doll and Belle.

Star Wars doesn’t appear until No. 30 on the list and LEGO even further down at No. 50.

It’s a safe bet my three boys may be the only Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on the block. Those are No. 59 on the list.

And my go-to costume, Flapper Girl, rounds out the top 100. My husband’s costume, the Grim Reaper, places at No. 156.

Want to check out which other costumes did or didn’t make the cut? Check it out on Google’s ‘Frightgeist’ here.

Are you rethinking your costume choices? Check out these ridiculously cute family costumes here or cheap and easy DIY costumes here.

Watch: Google’s top 2017 Halloween costume predictions.

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