Because it's Friday and we could use a laugh

It’s Friday! That means we could all use some pre-weekend shenanigans to get things started.

Quick, grab your coffee and join us:

#CarpoolKaraoke from officer Paul Alaniz at the Gilbert Police Department and Gilbert Mayor Jenn Daniels?

“This is my jam” Alaniz says. Shhh, it’s ours too.

Or, the son of famous Batdad explaining why his math homework is a sign of the Illuminati.

How about the unfortunate fall this lady takes from this insanely inappropriate work chair?

This kid showing us all the meaning of perseverance. Watch all the way to the end.

Best way to make your daughter cry? Kill a pumpkin, apparently.

Homemade roller coaster? This dad wins.

And finally, we’re pretty sure this cat is part Muppet.

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