Want a 'hot' mom bod? Honest advice from a lifestyle editor

A woman in exercise clothes looks at her fitness watch.

Want a 'hot' mom bod? Honest advice from a lifestyle editor

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Want a 'hot' mom bod? Honest advice from a lifestyle editor


Our friends at parenting website Romper.com KNOW what’s up.

Working out can sometimes suck. Yes, it’s cathartic. Yes, it releases endorphins and all. But half the battle is just finding the time!

But Romper’s lifestyle editor, Samantha Darby, has some pretty real advice:

STOP doing workouts you hate and PRIORITIZE WELLNESS.

It’s pretty simple, really. If you focus on exercises and activities you actually look forward to, you’ll be more likely to want to make time for it.

Darby recently spoke to USA TODAY contributor Ashley May about this.

Darby’s take on fun workouts

“I learned really quickly I don’t care if CrossFit gives me abs. It’s not fun to me and I have such little time during the day where I can do something for myself.”

Darby told May that her go-to YouTube exercise videos are by The Fitness Marshall. With these videos, she can learn fun exercise dances to popular radio hits from artists like Rihanna or Nick Jonas.

Darby on private time for wellness

“Having my self-care time to remind me of who I am other than a working mom is really, really important.”

Her favorite daily recharge location is Barnes & Noble. The calm escape leaves her ready to return home a happier, revived person, she told May.

Her warning? Don’t let mom guilt keep you from taking some much-deserved private time.

This story has been adapted from USA TODAY. 

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