LEGO launches "Women of NASA" sets

Hidden figures no more for women of history. LEGO announced the intended launch of “pioneering women of NASA,” Wednesday on Twitter.

LEGO launches "Women of NASA" sets

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LEGO launches "Women of NASA" sets

Four key women of history are “Hidden Figures” no more.

LEGO announced the launch of its “pioneering women of NASA set,” Wednesday on Twitter.

The new sets highlight women’s contributions to the space program, and we couldn’t be more excited!

The idea for such a set came from Maia Weinstock, a science writer and editor, who submitted her idea to LEGO:

“In all realms of science, engineering and technology, pioneering women have historically been underappreciated for their often groundbreaking work.”

Weinstock said she wanted the design to “spotlight a fantastic group of women who have made seminal contributions to NASA history.”

Her dream? “To know the first human on Mars,” was inspired to pursue a STEM career because he or she played with one of these new sets.

Which NASA women are included?

Hidden figures no more for women of history. LEGO announced the intended launch of “pioneering women of NASA,” Wednesday on Twitter.

LEGO announces new “Women of NASA” sets, and we are in love! Credit: LEGO

There are four “Women of NASA” sets to chose from. They feature the following history-defining women :

  • Nancy Grace Roman: NASA’s first female Chief of Astronomy. She helped develop the Hubble Space Telescope.
  • Margaret Hamilton: a computer-software engineer behind Apollo missions and later Skylab.
  • Sally Ride: In 1983, she became the first American woman to go into space. While she was a teacher at the University of California in San Diego, she came up with an idea that eventually became known as EarthKam. The program uses a high-tech camera on the International Space Station and allows middle school students to take pictures of Earth.
  • Mae Jemison: In 1992, she became the first African-American woman to go into space. She was on the space shuttle Endeavor, along with six other astronauts, and served as the science mission specialist.

When are the sets available?

On Nov. 1, you can purchase your “Women of NASA” LEGO sets.

I know what I just put on my three LEGO-crazed boys’ Christmas lists! Thanks LEGO!

Watch: LEGO launches “Women of NASA” sets.

Watch: LEGO announces “Women of NASA” as winner for new sets design.

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