Wake up, dead heads! Just days until 'The Walking Dead' Season 8

Rick, Negan and Maggie from The Walking Dead

Wake up, dead heads! Just days until 'The Walking Dead' Season 8


Wake up, dead heads! Just days until 'The Walking Dead' Season 8

AMC’s “The Walking Dead” is back this Sunday and it’s “All Out War.”

Hallelujah! It’s been a LONG summer after last season’s unexpected whirlwind of a finale.

Show creator Robert Kirkman already is billing Season 8 as “deadlier and more explosive” than Season 7.

In case you forgot how Season 7 started

First of all, who could forget seeing Lucille come down on TWO of our beloved Alexandrians? We shall never forget our funny one-liner Abraham Ford or our cat-like Glenn Rhee.

Gone, but never forgotten. #TWDFamily #TWD

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But the buck doesn’t stop there, Kirkman teased at a Comic-Con convention this summer. Season 8 will be riddled with even more devastating blows.

Season 8 may not be what you expect

If you are like me and read the comics, don’t get too comfortable. Kirkman and director Greg Nicotero said they are going “off script” this season.

No one is saying whether Negan, the bat-wielding, life-crushing man we love to hate, will meet his end this season.

If you think we will greet baby Rhee at the end to make up for all the awfulness we are about to endure, guess again, Nicotero said.

And moms, can we just say how incredibly good-looking Jeffery Dean Morgan, who plays Negan, gets with time? 

None of this, however, will stop us from enjoying Maggie’s growing baby bump while she slays a few walkers and possibly takes down Negan.

‘Peace must be protected…’

What does that mean? The show has been teasing us all summer about this on social media. Kirkman said we will get a taste of that on Sunday, Oct. 22.

Until then, the Season 8 premiere sneak peek opens with an eerie, familiar feeling.

Remember the Season 1 premiere where newly awaken Rick stops for gas? This time, it’s grown-up Carl, his son, sheriff’s hat and all.

This is far different from the Season 8 official trailer where we watch nearly all our favorite Alexandrians prepare for war.

“We’ve already won!” Rick Grimes cries out during a war speech to Alexandria, Hilltop and Kingdom residents.

Who lives? Who becomes a walker? Is Negan’s reign of terror over? How closely will they mimic the comic books?

And who can’t wait until 2018 for the crossover event between “The Walking Dead” and “Fear the Walking Dead,” the spinoff sequel?

This is real. #crossover #TWD #FearTWD

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What’s up with this Rick coma teaser anyway? Will Rick be a causality? Kirkman said all eventually would die before the start of Season 7, but we saw how that played out.

Either way, fans can’t wait:

Comic-book fans are excited for this story arc to finally unfold on TV.

Some say football just peeked this week, but next week, TWD takes over:

Chose your side: #TeamRick or #TeamNegan?

Tell us what team you chose?

Watch: “The Walking Dead” Season 8 official trailer.

Watch: “The Walking Dead” Season 8 premiere sneak peek.

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