New: Parents can now give their teens budgeted Amazon accounts

Teens can now access and order from their parents’ Amazon account.

But you can relax. Parents hold all the power over teen purchases. And because teens have their own login and password, all parent purchases remain private.


Amazon on Oct. 11 announced a service on its mobile Amazon app that allows parents to giveth and taketh away the shopping power of teens ages 13-17 to a parent-linked Amazon account.

Teens can shop for anything, from sneakers to video games to streaming any of Amazon’s content.

Parents click ‘yes’ or ‘no’

Option 1: Parents receive a text or email every time a teen makes a purchase. Parents approve or reject the transaction with a “Y” or “N” in an automated reply.

Option 2: Parents skip the approval step and set spending limits, giving teens the freedom to order whatever they want up to a certain amount.

Um, yeah. OK. That would work for some teens in some families. Others…


Amazon’s vice president Michael Carr said the mobile app gives teens the ability to plead their case of a potential purchase.

So when his 16-year-old son wants to purchase a video game on Amazon and Carr receives the text asking for approval before shipping, his son will have attached a message.

“He’ll explain why all his friends have it and he’s the last kid who doesn’t have it,” Carr said.

Before clicking yes or no, parents can view the potential purchase and read reviews of the item.

Give teens more responsibility

Carr encouraged parents to make the app work for them. For example, teens eat a lot. His son consumes more nutrition bars than he can stock. The nutrition-bar buying now is in his son’s hands.

“Instead of me trying to keep track of the latest flavors he likes, I’m just going to say it’s now your responsibility. You can spend up to $25. You go and buy the Clif Bars you need. I’ll get a notification and I know it’s done.”

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To enroll:

  • Parents must certify their teen’s phone number or email address to link accounts.
  • Teens are required to send a link to a parent before enrolling.

To get started, log onto

Parent who are Amazon Prime members get to take advantage of free two-day shipping and Prime Video at no additional cost.

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